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Unit Spotlight: Tiberium Trooper & Confessor Cabal

Eine Diskussion über Unit Spotlight: Tiberium Trooper & Confessor Cabal im Forum Tiberium Wars & Kanes Rache. Teil des Command & Conquer-Bereichs; Neustes Unit Spotlight von der offiziellen Seite . Diesmal geht es um den Tiberium Trooper (Marked of Kane) und den ...

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    TW Kanes Rache Unit Spotlight: Tiberium Trooper & Confessor Cabal

    Neustes Unit Spotlight von der offiziellen Seite. Diesmal geht es um den Tiberium Trooper (Marked of Kane) und den Confessor Cabal (Black Hand).

    Tiberium Trooper - Marked of Kane

    The Marked of Kane Tiberium Trooper is a deadly realization of Kane’s dream: the perfect melding of liquefied tiberium technology and cybernetic modification. The result? A cybernetically-enhanced version of the Black Hand augmented with high-pressure liquid tiberium dispersion tanks capable of virtually melting enemy units and structures.


    Cost: $900
    Build Time: 9 seconds
    Built From: Barracks
    Prerequisites: Operations Center

    Special Abilities:

    Covered in Goo: When the Tiberium Trooper attacks an enemy unit, the movement speed of the enemy unit is slowed for as long as the unit continues to be bathed by the corrosive substance. This is a passive ability.

    Upgrades Available:

    Cybernetic Legs: The Tiberium Trooper can be further enhanced with the addition of Cybernetic Legs, significantly increasing the speed of the Trooper Squad. Available at Secret Shrine.

    Combat Chain Role:

    The Marked of Kane Tiberium Trooper is available only to the Marked of Kane subfaction at tier 2. The Tiberium Trooper replaces the Black Hand unit for the Marked of Kane, devastating enemy infantry and structures with a concentrated stream of liquid death.


    Advanced Gameplay Notes: -The passive effect of the Tiberium Trooper’s main weapon can slow down enemy units, allowing a skilled MoK player to utilize complimentary unit powers, such as EMP, to effectively corral and disable enemy armor divisions

    -The Tiberium Trooper clears garrisoned structures

    -After receiving the Cybernetic Legs upgrade, the Tiberium Trooper becomes significantly faster than a Black Hand squad, and can even keep pace with most enemy vehicles

    -Tiberium Troopers gain increased range when garrisoned and retain their unit-slowing abilities, making a regiment of Tiberium Trooper-filled Reckoners a speedy means of dispersing clouds of the deadly concoction

    Tiberium Trooper CONCEPT ART


    Confessor Cabal - The Black Hand

    While the Nod Confessor has been an increasingly common sight on the battlefield since the Second Tiberium War, it was not until the establishment of Brother Marcion’s post-Slavik Black Hand that these armored priests were considered effective combatants in their own right. Seeking to bolster his own standing as a 'pure' religious figure, untainted by the purported heresy of his predecessor, Marcion took the radical step of replacing his standard Nod Militant advance guard with regiments of combat ready Confessors, armed, as always, with machine guns and psychotropic hallucinogenic grenades, all the better to spread his word...and put his enemies to the sword..


    Cost: $300
    Build Time: 3 seconds
    Built From: Barracks

    Special Abilities:

    Hallucinogenic Grenades: Like the Nod Confessor, the Confessor Cabal can throw Hallucinogenic Grenades, preying upon the nightmares of their enemies and causing enemy infantry to turn on one another. For the Cabal, this is a selectable ability. In addition, since each Cabal member throws a Hallucinogenic Grenade, this ability covers a much larger radius than the single grenade thrown by a Confessor-upgraded Militant Squad.

    Word of Marcion: The Confessor Cabal embodies the living Word of Marcion, inspiring nearby units into a frenzy of religious zealotry. Infantry within proximity of the Cabal fire more quickly, take less damage, and are more resistant to suppression.


    Upgrades Available:

    Black Disciples: As the right hand of Marcion, the Black Hand are truly feared even within the ranks of Marcion’s forces. A single Black Hand squad member is often added to many infantry squads to keep order and retain the message of the Word. The Black Disciple adds additional melee presence with his powerful flamethrower and increases the total hit points of the Cabal. Available at the Secret Shrine.

    Purifying Flame: As the fervor of Marcion’s troops hit a fever pitch, the impassioned Black Hand scientists sought a way to bring the white-hot fanaticism to the battlefield in a very real and visible manner. Using a proprietary tiberium-carbon blend, the flame weapons of Black Hand units can achieve a massive increase in temperature on combustion, significantly increasing the damage done. The resulting flame can burn through both units and structures in a flash of spectacular blue.

    Charged Particle Beam: As his voice on the battlefield, Marcion sought to bring the Prophecy of Tiberium even to the lowest of his soldiers. Confessor Cabals can be augmented with the Prophet’s Crystal to fire a beam of ionic tiberium, a highly-reactive charged species that can rip through enemy flesh and light armor. Available at the Tech Lab.


    Combat Chain Role:

    The Confessor Cabal replaces the militant squad for the Black Hand subfaction at tier 1. As a basic infantry unit, the Cabal can stand toe-to-toe with any other faction’s tier 1 infantry squads, becoming more effective with strategic use of the Hallucinogenic Grenade and numerous upgrades. When the Cabal is combined with other Black Hand infantry, a Black Hand marching force truly becomes a sight feared by enemy commanders.

    Advanced Gameplay Notes:

    -The Confessor Cabal increases the rate of fire and armor of nearby infantry and decreases their ability to be suppressed, making Cabals an excellent addition to any infantry regiment, and a powerful combination with Rocket Squad micromanagement early on

    -The Black Disciple upgrade adds a Black Hand unit to the squad, significantly increasing the total hit points of the squad and adding additional anti-infantry and anti-structure capabilities. In addition, any enemy armor commanders attempting to roll over the Cabal are quickly met with a wall of fire.

    -Black Disciples upgraded with Purifying Flame can do some serious damage

    -As a selectable ability, skilled players will find that Hallucinogenic Grenades can be used to incredible effectiveness in the early game and against infantry-heavy enemy commanders in any battle

    -The Charged Particle Beam upgrade significantly increases the effectiveness of the Confessor Cabal against infantry, but also increases damage done to armor and structures, making the Cabal a powerful late-game, multi-purpose unit

    -When fully upgraded, a Cabal can both take and dish out a significant amount of damage, making late-game infantry mixing a favorite tactic of many Black Hand commanders

    -Individual members of the Cabal have relatively low hit points, making the Cabal vulnerable to area-of-effect weaponry

    -Unlike Nod infantry, the Black Hand Confessor Cabal does not receive a speed upgrade, allowing an enemy commander to utilize a combination of hit-and-run tactics and crushing to thin the ranks of the Black Hand infantry


    Zeit für eine deutsche Übersetzung habe ich aktuell leider nicht. Ein paar Teile haben unsere Kollegen von C&C Inside übersetzt. Die wichtigen Infos über die Gameplayhinweise reichen wir euch ggf. noch später nach, die meisten sind dem englischen aber ja sowieso mächtig.
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    Eine Übersetzung gibt es schon auf cncf

    [FiX]Danke, dann spare ich mir die Arbeit.
    Übersetzung #1
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    Ja, wirklich genaue Verlinkung

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    Ja... nur sich nicht überanstrengen

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