Der heiß erwartete November-Patch ist raus!

Zitat Zitat von Fixnow
Version #412160

[size=x-small]Please Note: Changes may occure without any further notice![/size]

  • The file size of all PNG graphic files has been reduced by approximately 70% in average without any visible quality change. This should result in much shorter download times especially for players with slower internet connections, as well as less impact on any incoming traffic quota players might have.

  • Google Chrome 39: An error that resulted in in-game windows like Messages and Research not working correctly anymore has been fixed. This also resulted in better performance for some UI animations in Chrome. (Special thanks to community member N003TASTIC for assisting with this issue)
  • This release also includes two hotfixes that have been applied to German Welt 37. These hotfixes should prevent server side performance drops in certain scenarios.
Ein Nachteil des Patches ist jedoch dass alle Grafiken im Spiel durch low-Quality Versionen ersetzt wurden. Es könnte allerdings sein dass man sich daran gewöhnt.