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** washingtn [-MOON-] recons again **

Eine Diskussion über ** washingtn [-MOON-] recons again ** im Forum Tiberian Sun. Teil des C&C Classic-Bereichs; Will mal was net ganz unwesentliches sagen: Hab gerade heute 2mal gegen Janett gespielt, er/sie hat mich nicht gereconned sondern ...

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    Will mal was net ganz unwesentliches sagen:
    Hab gerade heute 2mal gegen Janett gespielt, er/sie hat mich nicht gereconned sondern hat fair verloren...

    Cu Matt

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    dach ur 100% correct, the fact that stefor made fs bug and then blames the recon on bish l8r on to all his "freak m8s" or as i say cock suckers who kiss stefs arse, hopin maybe 1 day, stef would train them or let them in his clan or some shit, but that aint gonna happen, the fact that stefor u think u can do n e thing u want, and the way that u blocked me from reconnecting in our game just proves that will take every advantage, fair or not fair that u feel is neccessary 4 u 2 win a game, ie vs bish with fs cheat. thats y ppl like dach r quittin ts, which aint right that they should quit because of this, hopefully 1 day if u r playin a diff game, and im on it, and ur just shit at it, ill treat u with the same respect as u treat most of the fair ppl on ts <IMG SRC="smilies/nonono.gif" border="0">

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    eheh... well stefor... im not wondering that u dont give attention on the facts or as u would say ( u dont give a shit **** "
    well i played ur clan in the last 2 months more often than any other clan played u...

    and we didnt have a bad stat.... we won the most games ( 5 of 9 or shit hehe...

    well u can say... "but u didnt play me and chron..." now and i cant really keep in this overallview of all thoses nicks, as most ppl use so many diff nicks at the same time , but i know when i played u and that was not very nice, cos if u win u talk much and if u lose u say nothing ... but perhaps that s just a subjective spectation of my own...

    and so dont tell things, that r just not true... or ill translate for u : ( dont tell shit "


    u r a freak, do u really want to doubt that??
    and u r no leader, objective spectator or any1 else... just a freak in TS

    and i stoped ts so it doesnt make sence to call me a newbie in future or ask for a 1on1 clangame with any fakeclan <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
    thats all i can say at the moment

    ciao philipp

    [ 25. August 2001 01:28: Beitrag editiert von: Dachziege ]

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    u left TS? lol
    I care? If u challenge me on msg boards and then suddenly "leave" TS its even more embarassing for ya ! <IMG SRC="smilies/tongue.gif" border="0">

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