Hey everyone,

First off, after analyzing many user cases, we are confident one of the primary reasons for your connection losses is related to using the cracked and/or pirated version of C&C 4. While its unusual for me to offer help in this regard, Its critical to ensure you repair your computer correctly. We've seen quite a few cases where THIS HAS WORKED and solved peoples issues. We understand, some of your reservations about the connection requirement may have led you to use the crack.

So, if you downloaded a C&C 4 crack that modified your user windows host file to essentially spoof a fake C&C 4 server, so you could play single-player, and then you decided to stop running the crack, maybe you even deleted the crack file, the changes to the host file STILL REMAIN. This means if you are trying to legitimately play C&C 4 with a retail version after using/deleting a crack you are not connecting to our production servers because you are still redirecting the connection to your local machine (i.e. like the crack does).

So, in order to reset your windows host file back to default, the way it should be, please follow these simple steps from Microsoft

The above is not meant to disregard any other users with real connection issue problems. Our upcoming patch fixes a couple of critical issues related to such issues, and we are working with a number of customers to understand if any other significant issues persist.

As of right now, we've seen very consistent play online via our PSU graphs. Apologies to anyone who has intermittent disconnections, please understand we are working tirelessly to assess any issues.

If you used a crack to play however, please follow the above steps. It should solve your issue.

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Vielleicht funktioniert bzw. hilft es bei dem ein oder anderen. Noch ein Tipp aus persönlicher Erfahrung, wenn das Spiel direkt nach dem laden im Hauptmenü abstürzt: macht einen Rechtsklick auf CNC4.exe im Ordner wo ihr das Spiel installiert habt und startet es als Administrator - ansonsten stürzt bei mir das Spiel ab...