Hey guys,

For those of you getting the game today, this weekend, and early next week that are running on 32- bit Windows Vista operating system, if you are experiencing a driver graphic crash after saving a game and trying to load it back or experiencing a driver graphic crash in general, please download and install the following NVIDIA driver (only for NVIDIA graphic card users)

http://www.nvidia. com/object/winvista_x86_101.41.html

We have not heard of any ATI users experiencing this issue, but this driver should fix your problem as it already has for others.


Es geht um ein Windows Vista 32-bit Problem, bei dem das Spiel crasht, nachdem man abgespeichert hat.

Dieser Treiber sollte das Problem beheben:
http://www.nvidia. com/object/winvista_x86_101.41.html

Gilt für das Hauptspiel - ja, mir ist bewusst, dass das jetzt noch niemandem in Deutschland helfen wird.