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Version 1.14: Ausgeklont...

Eine Diskussion über Version 1.14: Ausgeklont... im Forum Supreme Commander 2. Teil des Gametalk-Bereichs; ...dürfte es sich haben. Denn der ACU-exploit wurde entfernt, wonach man zig Commander gleichzeitig im Spiel haben konnte. Ferner wurde ...

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    Version 1.14: Ausgeklont...

    ...dürfte es sich haben.
    Denn der ACU-exploit wurde entfernt, wonach man zig Commander
    gleichzeitig im Spiel haben konnte.
    Ferner wurde noch ein Global Chat Room ins Leben gerufen und
    Buttons implementiert, die einen schnellen Aufruf der Ladderansicht erlauben.

    Das Balancing blieb derweilen unangetastet.

    Die offizielle Meldung lässt sich hier begutachten.


    * Fixed a crash when performing a game save on Campaign mission 17, Surface Tension.
    * Fixed UI exploit allowing ACU duplication.
    * Fixed a skirmish/multiplayer crash when AI was attempting to use a Space Temple that had previously been destroyed.
    * Fix for AI hangup while targeting for Artillery and Tactical Missile Launchers at extreme range.
    * Fix to AI withholding resource reservations for construction units that have died.
    * Fix for AI factories getting stuck not building.
    * Fix for rare game crashes related to the AI resource manager.


    * Introducing the new advanced AI-Overlord.
    * The AI Overlord can now direct multiple AIs in team-wide attacks and defenses against priority targets and threats (Easy AI will not participate in Overlord operations).
    * The AI Overlord can merge disparate AI platoons for game operations (Easy AI will not participate in merged platoons).
    * Added Main Menu buttons for viewing the ranked Leaderboards and the Global Chat Room.
    * AI can send and respond to distress calls from nearby AI allies.
    * AI can notify AI allies about priority threats such as Nukes and Artillery.
    * AI will now perform evasive maneuvering in close combat to mitigate damage from unguided munitions (micro).
    * AI will now redistribute excessive resources from the Slush bucket late game.
    * AI improvements in evaluating potential Landing Zones.
    * AI can now mix Experimentals with Conventional units into platoons on creation.
    * AI now considers mixed group strength when dispatching attack groups.
    * Added larger AI platoon sizes to accommodate mixed platoons.
    * AI will now build transports sufficient to handle extended mixed platoons.
    * Engineer platoons will now use Route threat checking when finding a place to build mass extractors.
    * Lowered Engineer extractor platoon threat threshold.
    Alles was gut beginnt, endet schlecht. Alles was schlecht beginnt, endet furchtbar.

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    Zumindest die AI scheint nun sehr gut zu sein? ^^

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