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Why I'm losing faith in Blizzard.

Eine Diskussion über Why I'm losing faith in Blizzard. im Forum StarCraft 2. Teil des Strategie-Bereichs; I've been a huge Blizzard fan for the better part of the decade, atleast the last 6-7 years. I own ...

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    Why I'm losing faith in Blizzard.

    I've been a huge Blizzard fan for the better part of the decade, atleast the last 6-7 years. I own all Blizzard games released since Diablo, except for the World of Warcraft expansion packs. I admit, I don't pay for a World of Warcraft account, because I find it to be just okay, and I'd much rather spend the $240 a year that I save on either something I want or on going out some place with my girlfriend. However, I've come to see Blizzard in a different light as of late. The cracks in the so called "perfect company" are beginning to reveal themselves. Here are a few of the reasons why I am beginning to lose faith in Blizzard.

    Hier steht eh nur falscher Schmarrn, weil ich Aufmerksamkeit erregen möchte.

    Blizzard has been purchased by Activision and is now a subsidiary of them.

    removal of from StarCraft II and Diablo III
    Blizzard is not using the actual in their future titles.

    monthly fee to play future Blizzard games online
    Activision has cited in press releases that they are considering the prospect of charging money to play StarCraft II and Diablo III.

    Activision Blizzard
    Because Activision isn't bad enough, now we have a company that is the parent of Activision, and it's name gives the illusion of the two co-existing, but in actuality, Activision owns the stocks and is pulling the strings.

    StarCraft: Ghost indefinitely postponed
    Way to kill everyone's hopes and dreams.

    StarCraft: Ghost NOT being released for Dreamcast
    At E3, Blizzard claimed they were going to release StarCraft: Ghost for "all major sixth-generation gaming platforms", and the Sega Dreamcast is a sixth generation gaming console, and was still major sixth-generation console.

    StarCraft: Ghost canceled for GameCube
    Blizzard canceled the GameCube version of StarCraft: Ghost in the middle of development.

    only the PS2 version of StarCraft: Ghost will use
    Blizzard announced that the GameCube and Xbox versions of StarCraft: Ghost would use separate services (Xbox Live for Xbox and GameCube Broadband for GameCube), and that only the PlayStation 2 version would have access to Now for Xbox, I can almost understand, but even then, there are a couple of Xbox and Xbox 360 games that use their own servers instead of Xbox Live.

    closure of Blizzard North and termination of employees
    Blizzard closed down Blizzard North, the San Francisco Bay Area division of Blizzard Entertainment and terminated it's employees. This division was responsible for developing Diablo games.

    removal of the StarCraft & Brood War ladders
    Blizzard claims to have removed the ladders due to "hackers", however, this move was strongly protested by the community, and despite many gamers trying to appeal this move, Blizzard still didn't bring back the ladder.

    Diablo restrictions
    Blizzard removed the ability to join and create private channels for people playing Diablo.

    refusal to stop hackers in Diablo
    Blizzard did virtually nothing to stop hackers in Diablo these last few years. There are still several hackers out there that are using heavy hacks that can do anything from causing other players to automatically die for no reason to duplicating items (which Blizzard tried to fix, but still did a half-ass job) to letting players edit their stats.

    Warcraft III separate gateways that are actually the same
    Blizzard forces Warcraft III players to append @Lordaeron, @Azeroth, etc. to their name, and that's what other people who aren't playing Warcraft III see. The Warcraft III people see non-Warcraft III players as @USWest, @USEast, etc. The servers however are the same, and they can still communicate. While I can see how they may have done this to prevent people from using up all of the possible username combination, it is still virtually pointless.

    cancellation of Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans
    Blizzard canceled Warcraft Adventures.

    refusal to have in Warcraft Adventures
    When Warcraft Adventures was being developed, it wasn't going to use, or any other online service for that matter.

    refusing to comment on the Diablo movie
    Legendary Pictures accidentally (or not) put up information regarding a Diablo movie that was in the works, however they removed it the next day. Blizzard still hasn't made an official statement on whether or not they licensed Legendary Pictures to produce such a film.

    StarCraft II using dual usernames
    StarCraft II usernames use "username1.username2", and while Blizzard claims that only one will show up unless that name is taken, it seems to always show up, even on the forums.

    removal of forums for Diablo and Warcraft II: BNE
    Blizzard has removed forums for Diablo and Warcraft II: Edition.

    Diablo removed from the Diablo Battlechest
    Blizzard made a "new" version of the Diablo Battlechest, this version is the exact same price as the real version, but doesn't include Diablo.

    forum moderation
    The Blizzard representatives that staff the forums are some of the worst, dumbest, and most pathetic people I've ever come across in my entire life.

    tech support
    In the past, Blizzard has been known for their fantastic tech support, however, I've had many problems with World of Warcraft, during the brief time that I tried it, and Blizzard Entertainment's tech support division was not very helpful. Not only that, but recently Blizzard tech support representatives seem to automatically assume you need help with World of Warcraft, even when you say the name of the game you need help with, they will still think you're talking about World of Warcraft (I'm talking about real people, not their automated system). Also, when one of their employees does actually help you now, or atleast, "tries" (and I use the term lightly) to help you, you'll get an automated e-mail from Blizzard asking you to rate your experience with the representative you spoke with. While this is a nifty little feature, it is annoying as hell, because seemingly regardless as to if you actual rate him/her or not, you'll keep getting that e-mail over and over again a couple of times before the server finally stops e-mailing you, or you get fed-up and block the automated e-mail address.

    World of Warcraft not on
    A couple of people believe that it's impossible to have an MMO on, I can't help but feel sorry for such closed-minded people, no offense. When World of Warcraft first came out, I envisioned it on, and how it would work. However, I suppose some people are just stubborn and closed-minded and aren't willing to accept that a MMO, more specifically, World of Warcraft cannot be on I can only imagine that Blizzard's upcoming untitled MMORPG that is supposedly going to be set in a brand-new universe that isn't StarCraft, Warcraft, or Diablo will not use, just like WoW, SC2, and D3.

    waiting until the last minute to give SC2 pre-orderers beta keys
    Blizzard gave random people on the Internet beta keys months before they even started giving out beta keys to people who actually pre-ordered the game, which is a fundamentally morally wrong fallacy.
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    Why I don't give a damn.

    I could write a completely useless text like you, but ill shorten it.

    because i just dont

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    Why I'm closing this topic.

    Because, is just kevin1gamer.

    Irgendwann erkennst Du, dass deine Vergangenheit länger geworden ist als deine Zukunft.

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