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Season 1 2015

Eine Diskussion über Season 1 2015 im Forum StarCraft 2. Teil des Strategie-Bereichs; Am heutigen Montag hat Blizzard nun endlich die neue Season und damit den Wettkampf für die kommende WCS eingeleitet. Wie ...

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    Season 1 2015

    Am heutigen Montag hat Blizzard nun endlich die neue Season und damit den Wettkampf für die kommende WCS eingeleitet.
    Wie (fast) jede Season gibt es auch diesmal neue Karten.

    Aber zuvor erst einmal die entfernten Karten:
    • King Sejong Station
    • Foxtrot Labs
    • Merry go round
    • Nimbus

    Hinzu kamen folgende Karten:
    Expedition Lost (1 vs. 1)


    Map created by algue. One strong features in this map is the choice it presents in taking a third base. One option is easy to access but far away and very open. The other third base is closer, but requires that you break the rocks in the main to easily access it.. Also, the placement of the collapsible debris leading to the center high ground location vs. the wider, further away ramp makes this map very unique and different from what we’re used to seeing on the ladder. We were looking for a balanced yet different in gameplay map, and this felt like the strongest choice out of the community maps we looked at this season.

    Secret Spring (1 vs. 1)


    Secret Spring's unique feature is that there are 3 ground paths to your opponent, two of which are initially blocked by destructible rocks and a third which begins as open, but can also be blocked by breaking down collapsible debris. Therefore, although the rush distance is shorter on this map compared to most other maps, players will be able to make the choice of rushing early or breaking down debris to play a more of a defensive game. We’re excited to try out this map and see the effects of having ground paths which can potentially be cut off depending on the players’ choices within the game. We believe one of the main important factors when playing on this map will be to scout which paths are being opened up throughout the course of the game.

    Vaani Research Station (1 vs. 1)


    Vaani Research Stations is the more standard map of those in the pool. Overall, the expansion paths are quite straight forward, and the main difference compared to other standard maps we’ve seen in the past is that there are lots of open spaces around various locations of the map.

    Inferno Pools (1 vs. 1)


    We wanted to include at least one big macro map this season and Inferno Pools is that map. Even though rush distances are quite far away, defending the third base on this map will be more challenging than other macro maps we’ve tried so far. There are some unique choices of grabbing the high yield base as the third or taking the island expansion depending on where players spawn on this 4 player map. Overall, scouting and watching for when enemies are coming will be important in order to be able to macro well on this map.

    Informationen zu Team maps sollen *soon* veröffentlicht werden.
    Diese sind aber bereits spielbar!

    Der Mappool sieht folgendermaßen aus:

    • Overgrowth LE
    • Catallena LE
    • Expedition Lost
    • Secret Spring
    • Vaani Research Station
    • Inferno Pools
    • Deadwing LE

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    Hab grad 2 Spiele auf Expedition Lost und Secret Spring gespielt. War ganz nett. Bin mir aber noch nciht sicher wie ich die Maps abusen kann ...
    it's not easy when it's icy

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