What speeds do the replays offer? Is there a 1/3 or 1/4 speed because 1/2 speed can be too difficult to follow sometimes.
Zhydaris: At this moment the slowest speed is 1/2 of the normal one.

Can you literally do click by click, play by play replays? (See every single move they do)
Is it true we can see the replay from the FOV viewpoint of where the original player was looking at the time (albeit confusing when they are at full speed)

Zhydaris: I can confirm that you will be able to see what units are being selected and the camera will move exactly as the player moved it during the game, plus you will see all the clicks made by the player.
You won't be able to see the mouse cursor itself though.

I've heard we can go backwards on replays, can we also drag instantly to a spot in the replay (IF NOT: can we PLZ have a "are you sure you want to restart" button on the replay, I hate accidentally re-starting a long one
Zhydaris: You can jump instantly to a specific moment in the replay and you can rewind it.
There's no "Are you sure you want to restart" button simply because you don't really need it

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