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HOTS Patch 3.0

Eine Diskussion über HOTS Patch 3.0 im Forum StarCraft 2. Teil des Strategie-Bereichs; Der wohl letzte große HOTS Patch kommt soeben raus! A More Social Experience Our major goal with changing the user ...

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    Blizzard HOTS Patch 3.0

    Der wohl letzte große HOTS Patch kommt soeben raus!

    A More Social Experience

    Our major goal with changing the user interface was for StarCraft II to be a more social experience. With this in mind, we examined the chat system and identified two major drawbacks with the multiple window chat system. The first issue was having to frequently minimize windows, which resulted in players being unable to quickly read and respond to chat. Secondly, we didn’t like how you had to leave an empty window open if you didn’t want to miss when someone joined an empty chat channel, potentially increasing the clutter on your screen.

    To tackle these issues, we made several changes. We consolidated all of chat into one prominently visible window. This persistent chat window ensures players always have the ability to engage with other players regardless of what they're doing in StarCraft II. We increased the maximum number of players who can be in a chat channel from 100 to 200 and added a function that will automatically remove inactive players from public chat channels. Lastly, every player that logs in will automatically be placed into a general chat, allowing them to instantly connect with the community.

    Benefits of Multiple Windows

    When making these changes to chat, we didn't want to lose the benefits of having multiple windows. Two benefits we identified were the ability to keep track of individual conversations and the fact that new messages were never missed. As a result, we added the ability to switch between conversations using the dropdown in the top-left corner of the chat dialogue, or by pressing CTRL + TAB or CTRL + SHIFT + TAB. If you receive a message from another conversation that you are not actively viewing, you'll receive a notification in the filter dropdown.

    More Chat Improvements

    In Heart of the Swarm, we introduced moderated chat channels through Groups and Clans, but joining those channels required many steps. In Legacy of the Void, we’ve made chat channels easier to join by added the ‘/join’ command. If you want someone to join your chat, all they have to do is type "/join <channel name>". If the channel name doesn't exist, they'll create and join a custom channel with that name instead.

    For those who really want chat to be prominent, we added the ability to make the window taller and to pin it on the screen so it will remain open, even when you’re not typing in chat. We also improved chat performance, added an option to display a timestamp, modified text color so it's easier to distinguish between player names and actual chat, and added a number of hotkeys and slash commands - some of which are listed at the end of the blog.

    Overhauling the UI

    To ensure this new chat system would work well with the rest of the UI, it became clear we would have to redesign the rest of the game’s screens so we meticulously overhauled the spacing, format, and content of every section. In order to give our content more space, we moved the navigation, sub-navigation, and the party panel to the top of the screen. With this extra room, we saw an opportunity to inlay new 3D scenes into every screen to further bring the StarCraft universe to life in the UI.

    Arcade Improvements

    While revamping the UI, we also wanted to take the opportunity to make some improvements to the Arcade. In the new layout, we've moved ‘Open Games’ to be the starting experience for all players, and made the ‘Open Games’ list quicker and easier to browse. Instead of having to open and close the map info panel to learn about a game, the information now appears on the same screen and players can quickly browse one game after another to decide what to play. If the player tries to join a lobby that is full or if the game has already started, they are no longer put into an empty lobby. Top played games can still be found under the ‘Browse’ section, and we've modified the criteria for determining which games appear in the list so that more games have opportunities to reach the top.

    Continuing with our desire to make StarCraft II a more social experience, we now automatically put players into a public Arcade chat channel as soon as they click on the Arcade button. Here, they’ll be able to chat with other Arcade players and use a brand new feature to help fill their lobbies. Players can now directly link into their Arcade lobbies by typing [Lobby] into the chat box. Any players who click on the link will instantly join that lobby. Now when you are looking for ‘pros only’ or need people to help test your latest creation, you’ll be able to advertise your needs in chat and provide a handy link for players to join.

    We’re excited to bring you these changes and we'll continue listening to feedback from the community and make more improvements in the future.

    To help you prepare for the new UI, we've also put together a list of hotkeys which you can reference for even simpler navigation across the interface.

    Via: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/19911221/


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    it's not easy when it's icy

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    Übrigens kommt damit auch eine 64bit Version von SC2



    The Heart of the Swarm 3.0 Patch is now live! This patch brings a host of new additions and improvements to the game. Please read the full patch notes below.


    “Whispers of Oblivion” now available
    Three new campaign missions that were previously only available in the Legacy of the Void Beta are now available to all players.
    To play these missions, click on Campaign and select Legacy of the Void > Prologue.
    These missions focus on Zeratul and serve to bridge the story between Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void.
    You can now purchase any of the three StarCraft II expansions in each of their respective in-game menus on the Campaign screen. This includes the ability to pre-purchase Legacy of the Void.
    As a reminder, each expansion can now be purchased as a standalone product; you do not need to own previous installments in order to play subsequent ones.
    A 64-bit version of StarCraft II is now available. To use the 64-bit client, navigate to Settings > Game Settings > StarCraft II in the Battle.net App.
    StarCraft II installations have now been migrated from the old MPQ file format to the new CASC file format. For more information on CASC, see this blog post.

    User Interface

    The entire StarCraft II user interface has been completely revamped.
    All major navigation has been moved to the top of the screen, including the Party Panel and Profile.
    Custom Games have been moved under Multiplayer.
    Archon Mode is now available in Custom Games on official Blizzard-authored maps.
    In order for map makers to add Archon Mode support to non-Blizzard maps, simply open and re-save the map in the Patch 3.0 Editor in order to pick up the new Archon Mode variants, and then republish the map to Battle.net.
    The WCS 2.2 Observer Interface now shows the first four letters of each players’ names for each Archon team.
    Unit selection circles have been updated to better show which players are controlling which units when observing team and Archon Mode games.
    Archon Matchmaking and the Archon Ranked Ladder (including Archon Grandmaster League) will become available for Legacy of the Void players upon its release.
    The Search Panel/Countdown Timer has been moved from the top middle of the screen to the bottom left.
    The Chat system has been completely redesigned.
    Chat is now one persistent window in the bottom-right corner.
    Players are now automatically joined into General Chat upon logging in.
    Chat channels are now split into expandable/collapsible groupings on the right side of the Chat panel.
    The chat window can be expanded in height and pinned so that it stays on the screen even when out of focus.
    The maximum number of players in a chat channel has been increased from 100 to 200. Players who have been inactive for a set period of time will be removed from public chat channels.
    Additional chat display and filtering options have been added to the Options Menu under Options > Social > Chat and Options > Social > Chat Channels.
    You can now join chat channels by typing ‘/join [channelname]’. If a public channel or group channel exists, you’ll join that channel. Otherwise, you’ll join a custom chat channel.
    Many other ‘slash commands’ have been added, type /help for a list of primary commands.
    A full list of the new commands can be found in our blog.
    Brand new 3D scenes have been added to the background of every UI screen.
    Two new 3D backgrounds – Artanis and Space Clouds – have been added to the Home Screen. These can be accessed in Options > Graphics > Background Model.
    The Campaign screen has been redesigned with new 3D models to represent each chapter of the StarCraft II storyline.
    Challenges can now be found under Wings of Liberty.
    Friends List
    Your BattleTag is now shown on the top of your Friends List.
    Players Near You has been moved from the Home Screen into the Friends List.
    Recent party members are now displayed on the top of the Friends List.
    The Add Friend dialogue has been simplified.
    General performance of the Friends List has been improved.
    The Arcade has been redesigned.
    Players will be automatically joined into a public Arcade chat channel when entering the Arcade section.
    The Arcade experience is now organized around Join and Browse.
    In Join, Open Games is now the default viewing mode, showing all active lobbies.
    You can now link directly to a game lobby you are in by typing ‘[Lobby]’ into chat. Players who click on the link will be joined directly into the game lobby.
    Top Played games can be found in the Browse section.
    Learn more about the changes in our blog.
    Starter Edition
    Starter Edition players can now reach the maximum level for each race and earn their respective rewards.
    Archon Mode is available for play in Custom Games on official Blizzard-authored maps.
    All four 3D backgrounds on the Home Screen are available for use.
    1vAI matchmaking is now available at all expansion levels rather than just with Heart of the Swarm.
    Multiplayer Loading Screens have been refreshed with updated art.
    Player levels have been removed.
    Portrait borders have been removed except in 1v1 matches.
    Wings of Liberty players can now earn experience and participate in the Leveling system (previously this was exclusive to Heart of the Swarm).
    FFA matchmaking has been removed, but is still available in Custom Games.
    As a result of this change, the FFA Gladiator, FFA Destroyer, and X Wins: FFA series achievements have been hidden unless already earned, and their associated achievement points have been removed.
    The “Competitive Zen Master” achievement has been updated to reflect the above removals.
    See the reasoning behind these changes here.
    Options Menu Changes
    The following Gameplay options have been removed and are now permanently enabled:
    Display World Object Tooltips
    Display Game Tooltips
    Display Hotkeys on Command Card
    Enable Starting Worker Rally
    Game Timer
    In multiplayer games, the game timer now shows real time instead of scaling the time based on game speed.
    Options > Gameplay > Display Build Grid is now enabled by default.
    In Options > Graphics:
    Background Model has been moved under Display.
    Texture Quality has been moved under Graphics and the Textures dropdown has been removed.
    A new tab has been added: Observer and Replay.
    The Voice tab has been renamed to Voice Chat.
    All replays are now saved automatically, and the “Save All Replays” option has been removed from the Options Menu.
    The file size of each replay is now displayed in the Replays screen.
    The in-game “Load Saved Game” dialogue now defaults to the Recent tab.
    As a reminder, replays created prior to Patch 3.0 will no longer be viewable, but replays that are newly created in Patch 3.0 and onwards will continue to be supported in future versions of the game. See this blog post for more details.


    The worker count text will now turn red if your vespene gas worker saturation is higher than recommended.
    Slight adjustments have been made to flier separation when moving in groups so that flier units do not rapidly lose their velocity when attacking while moving.
    If you issue a new attack command when Carrier Interceptors are already deployed, they will now engage the new target instead of returning back to the Carrier first.
    Possible enemy locations will now pulse on the minimap for 10 seconds at the beginning of every game.
    Pressing Alt + <number> creates a new control group and removes units from other control groups. This works in all team games, including Archon games.

    StarCraft II Editors

    Map and mod merging functionality
    Configure a three-way file merge using File > Merge Files.
    Specify optional programs for diffing and merging text files within File > Preferences > External Tools.
    Map > Map Loading Screen
    Custom Layout property added for specifying custom UI layout as defined in the UI Module.
    Loading Music property added for custom music.
    Lighting Window
    Ambient Environment Map property added to Global tab. This must specify a cubemap texture.
    Ambient Environment Multiplier property added to Global tab. This works in combination with an environment map texture.
    Regions tab support for copying settings between regions.
    File > Preferences > General > Check Spelling Within Text Edit Controls.
    This causes text edit controls which modify game text to underline unrecognized words.

    Terrain Module
    Multiple map texture sets
    Multiple texture sets may be added to a map within Map > Map Texture Sets.
    Each terrain chunk (8x8 area) may use only one of the map texture sets. Use the new Texture Sets brush in the Terrain layer to assign sets to chunks.
    Within the Texture brush, choose which set to apply. Textures may only be applied to chunks which use the active set.
    Mutually exclusive map tags (Map > Map Tags)
    Map tags may enable a new option: Load Only One Tag In Game, along with a Load Chance. Only one tag using this flag will be randomly selected during game loading, and objects using the other tags will not be loaded.
    View > Show Tags > Cycle Exclusive Tags
    May be used to toggle editor visibility between each tag using this new option.
    Vision brush added to the Terrain layer for painting vision blocking state directly on the map.
    View > Show Vision settings for previewing vision state (AKA fog of war) based on all placed objects.
    Fill operations added to Painted Pathing, Creep, and Vision brushes.
    Fill operations may specify what state to Fill Within. Options include cliff level, texture, region, pathing, creep, and vision.
    Edit > Paste Position Symmetrical
    Use in conjunction with map symmetry and Copy Position. This will move the selected object to the nearest point which is symmetrical to the copied position.
    Data > Rotate Objects
    Opens a dialog for rotating a group of objects about an arbitrary point.
    Sound Emitter points
    Sound Actor property added for using an actor instead of a direct sound link.
    Height property added for adjusting the height at which the sound plays.
    Data > Export Map Image
    Quadrant setting added for optionally choosing one corner of the map.
    Near Clip and Far Clip settings added for adjusting camera clip distances.
    View > Show Terrain > Show Base Height
    Draws a colored plane at the map's Base Height value, defined within Map > Map Options.
    View > Show Terrain > Show Active Brush Overlay Only
    When applying pathing, creep, or vision brushes, this causes the overlay to only display the current operation.
    Render > Show Selection Highlight
    Draws highlight effect around selected objects, in addition to the selection circle.

    Trigger Module
    Data > View Usage
    Opens a window for viewing all locations where the selected elements are being used.
    Double click an item in this window to jump to its location in the Trigger Module.
    Dialogs for choosing elements include a Source menu, which can be used to filter the list based on where the element is defined.
    Inline option added to function definitions. If the function consists of exactly one action, this causes usage of the function to generate that action directly in the script.
    Generated scripts for libraries within mods will now include a separate header file with declarations only.

    Data Module
    Data Wizards
    Wizard files define custom UI templates for creation and modification of any game data.
    Wizard files should be created externally as XML files.
    For complete documentation, see Wizards > Wizard Help in the Data Module.
    View > Show Data Hints Viewer
    Opens a persistent window for displaying any hint text associated with the currently selected fields within Table View or XML View.
    Sound preview UI will appear in the lower right when selecting Sounds, Sound Actors, Soundtracks, and Reverb Effects.
    Properties dialog may now be used to modify multiple objects at once, for the following properties: Parent, Editor Prefix/Suffix, and categories.
    Edit > Copy Data Reference
    When Table View is active, this copies the selected field as a data reference tag suitable for pasting into game display text, such as tooltips.
    Data > Modify Value (Relative)
    When Table View is active, this opens a value dialog which will change numerical values relative to their current value.
    Use the Relative Modification menu in the lower left to select an operation: Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide.
    Sync Points tab added to properties dialog for sound assets. This defines time-based points associated with the sound for synchronization.
    Mix Routing field added to Game UI Data, for defining the hierarchy of sound categories.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where players were unable to start a new game if they were disconnected while watching a replay.
    Autosaves should no longer fail and kick a player back to the main menu.
    Players earning the “Frugal Fighter” achievement should now be properly awarded the achievement once they’ve completed its requirements.
    Fixed a performance issue relating to CPU thread balancing on newer CPUs that lessened performance over time.
    “The Reckoning” mission should now display the correct stat value for “Largest Zerg Force”.
    Cameras in Relative Camera Mode (used in Custom Games) should now remain in the correct state even through a save/load transition.
    User Interface
    Fixed an issue where players would receive a ‘You have been disconnected from the game’ message when quitting out of a custom game lobby.
    Bookmarked games should now appear normally and not become stuck while trying to load.
    Games completed in less than 3 minutes and 30 seconds should now correctly display “No experience earned”.
    Players who restart their clients via changing their graphics will no longer remain in game lobbies.
    Creating a lobby on a recently republished map should no longer cause an error.
    Fixed a matchmaking issue where team games could start with an uneven number of players on each team.
    Resolved an issue where players with "Only allow friends to send invites" enabled did not receive Group and Clan invites from Battle Tag and Real-ID friends.
    Resolved an issue where players would be able to click ‘join’ for a private group or clan.
    Group and Clan icons should now dynamically update when removing a custom icon.
    Clan names should now be displayed next to character names in General Chat.
    Players should now be able to search for Real ID Clan or Group members by their displayed Real ID name.
    You should no longer be able to mistakenly watch a replay alone by double-clicking on it while in a party.
    Players simultaneously leaving a lobby while partied should no longer cause a disconnection for one player.
    Resolved a performance issue that caused a slight stall when opening up the Friends List while in a game.
    Chatting with an offline player will no longer return a “null” automatic reply.
    Mining vespene gas from geysers of different orientations and locations should now be more consistent.
    Adding units to a control group while others are in a transport unit should no longer result in units being incorrectly removed from the control group.
    Hotkeys should now properly become disabled when typing into an edit dialog box.
    Winning a game of StarJeweled against an AI opponent should now properly display a Victory screen.
    Siege Tank splash damage should now be properly applied to surrounding units when attacking a lowered supply depot.
    A Widow Mine’s explosion animation will now be properly displayed if it hits an Interceptor that docks with a Carrier just before impact.
    Marines with the Mercenary skin should now display the correct ragdoll death animation.
    Locusts should be better at acquiring targets when becoming clumped up in choke points.
    Fixed an issue where several missiles attacks would follow units that had just teleported via Mass Recall.
    Fixed an issue where an enemy’s base location could be revealed when beam attacks are used against a Mothership Core as it’s casting Mass Recall.
    Pylons with the Judicator Pylon Skin should now display the correct death animation whenever they are destroyed while warping-in.
    Habitation Station LE should now correctly display the warp-in range of Pylons regardless of where the Pylon is placed.
    Sound files generated by the Cutscene Editor’s Record Video feature should now correctly match the original audio file’s properties.
    Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when resizing the Terrain Editor window.
    You can now open maps by dragging and dropping directly into an open Editor window.

    it's not easy when it's icy

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    So, Prolog durchgespielt. Spielerisch nix was man nicht schon mal gesehen hat. Story plätscherte auch so vor sich hin. Mal schaun wie's bei LotV wird - iwie find ich aber es kommt zu zeitig und Blizz hat sicher wieder viel zu wenig getraut. War das toll als dieser ganze Mist mit Mule, etc. raus war. Aber nun ist es wieder drinne ... ich gugge in letzter Zeit wieder BW Streams. Iwie sind die Matches da immer noch interessanter.
    ZxGanon sagt Danke.

    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    Hm ... schade das Blizz nicht versucht hat, das Spiel ein bisschen wenigstens an StarBow anzugleichen.

    Finde die Mod echt gelungen (Mix aus BW und Sc2)
    it's not easy when it's icy

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