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David Kim über HOTS

Eine Diskussion über David Kim über HOTS im Forum StarCraft 2. Teil des Strategie-Bereichs; Via Teamliquid bin ich auf eine aktuelle Übersetzung von zwei koreanischen Interveiws mit David Kim von Blizzard gestoßen. Wall Of ...

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    David Kim über HOTS

    Via Teamliquid bin ich auf eine aktuelle Übersetzung von zwei koreanischen Interveiws mit David Kim von Blizzard gestoßen.

    Wall Of Text incoming! deshalb gibt es einen Spoiler!

    Interview #1


    Lot's of new patches were released recently in HOTS. What were the rationales behind them?

    First of all, we added clan system to allow players to interact with each other. We are also preparing for the up coming "group" system. To explain more about this, players will be able to create a group based on certain topic for e.g. Protoss players may want to join group "protoss" to interact with other players, or a fan of SKT1 Rain may want to join the group "Rain FAN!".
    Also this patch vastly updated versus A.I. mode by adding about 10 levels of difficulties.

    Also we noticed that the ladder system in WoL was very hardcore. This might have stressed out many casual players. Therefore, we decided to add non-ranked ladder system where it involves the same ladder search mechanism as the ranked counterpart but the points and rankings will not be affected. Finally, until now we were rewarding the players who are successful in getting lots of wins. However, this is changed as we incorporated levelling system to allow casual players to easily access the rewards as well.

    HOTS implanted several updates on UI, especially auto-mining/split and selecting idle army.

    These UI updates are designed for beginners. When we were adding these features to the game, we were cautious to not allow the gaming at pro-level to be easier while allowing beginners to easily approach the game. Honestly, I highly doubt features like selecting idle army units will be used in pro-level gaming.

    Recently Zerg has been dominating in WoL. Protoss players especially are complaining about it. Are you aware of this?

    Yes, we are receiving tons of feedbacks regarding this. However, zergs are not winning all the major high-end tournaments. If we look at the race distribution, I don't think it's not that bad. However, I believe that there is flaw in the game design. For e.g. it is very hard to face late game zerg composition without mothership's vortex. Therefore in HOTS, we are trying to provide solutions by adding units like Tempest. We are aware of Zerg's dominance but we are waiting for more results to show up.

    Many Protoss players have been complaining that it is impossible to deal with BL-Infestor combo. Some pro-players are suggesting that it is impossible to beat late game PvZ.

    Yes we are aware that such issues are present. However in Starleague, Protoss players dominated against zerg players and considering other tournaments, PvZ is not completely one sided. There is a problem with the match up but we believe that it can be fixed through various patches. As for now, we should take time to decide wether this is a serious problem or not. If we believe that it is not an issue, balance updates will be focused on HOTS.

    HOTS introduced many new units. What are Blizzard's favorite units and why?

    Recently we have been getting lots of feedbacks on widow mines being op. However we believe that although it is strong unit, immediate nerf isn't necessary. We are trying to make Oracle, Widow Mines and Swarm host stronger and more viable units. (apparently David Kim chose Swarm Host as hist favorite unit)

    In HOTS, we want new strategies to revolve around new units. Although HOTS isn't balanced fully, we are experimenting with many things.

    Warhound is removed from HOTS. We heard that there will be completely new unit being added.

    We were going to add new units for Terran but currently we believe that reapers, hellbets and widow mines are sufficient in HOTS. Adding back warhound, or adding a new unit is not yet being considered.

    Reapers are rarely used in WoL. Do you think this issue has been resolved in HOTS?

    We are seeing great improvement in the beta. Reapers will be much more viable in TvT or TvZ early game. If we believe the units are still being underused, we are willing to make it stronger. We are trying to make them more viable units for harassment.

    Recently, some communities are speculating rework on Terran's Raven. Any thoughts on this for HOTS?

    We are almost done designing the new units. Now we are considering to completely re-design several units such as Void-ray and Raven.

    Swarm Hosts in HOTS seems to change the metagame by a lot. We want know if Blizzard is satisfied with its design.

    Yes, Swarm Host is one of the most satisfying new unit of HOTS. There is so much potential in this unit interms of multi tasking, long ranged siege moves, and even drop plays. Other units are more exposed during drop plays but Swarm Hots can avoid them very easily. Also Swarm Host is very "zerg" like unit. In terms of concepts and gameplay, we are very much satisfied with Swarm Host.

    Infestors are one of the major units why zerg is considered to be "OP". Will there be any changes in HOTS?

    We are hoping to avoid directly nerfing Infestors. The reason being is that it is the core unit of late game zerg composition. We should be careful not to nerf infesotrs. However, we are willing to make other units to counter Infestors better. For instance, Protoss has Temepst to deal with BL-Infestors much more efficiently. As such, there will not be any direct nerfs on infestor.

    Recently Carriers have been added to the game once again. In WoL, Carriers are being suggested as the answer to late game zerg but it is highly inefficient. Is this still the case in HOTS?

    There is no doubt that Carriers need to be buffed. We are still afraid that carriers being used as "a-move" units in pro level play. Therefore we are only considering to add minor buffs to it. We are thinking of making interceptors immune to Infestor's fungal growth.

    However, we are focusing on the general metagame trend of the game so I believe it is too early for us decide how they will be changed. We saw a video posted by a foreign progamer comparing the Carriers from BW and WoL. We believe that we could use some of the suggestions provided in this video.

    Most of the new units introduced for Protoss in HOTS are flying units. What are your thoughts on this?

    Protoss players have been focusing on Robotics Facility or Templar Archive Tech as the metagame. The use of Stargate is very rarely seen. This is why we are adding more flying units.

    Oracle received several new abilities through a recent update. What are your thoughts?

    In the past, Oracle was so much viable in all skills levels. Therefore we decided to change this by adding new abilities that depend more on skills of a player. Although we are still at its infant stage, they seem to be more efficient than the previous design. We believe that they are approaching the final design.

    We are ware that release date of HOTS is not decided yet. Considering this, will there be any more balance updates for WoL?

    If we believe that update is necessary, we are definitely going to implant it. Although it may seem like an update is needed, we are not planning to do so right away. If it's needed, we will work on it as fast as we can.

    HOTS implanted several features to protect the privacy of the players. However this is limited to the custom games. Were there any feedbacks from pro gamers?

    Currently there are lots of barcode in Korean Ladder. We are trying to add more features so that players don't have to use barcode. We are constantly discussing how we should takle this problem.

    HOTS implanted several changes in custom games. However, it is still not the same as BW or Warcraft3 where players were able to make their own titles.

    Although you can't change the name of the game created, we are implanting many other things in HOTS. We are trying to make rarely played games to be more exposed to the players. Therefore we are still not considering to add such feature.

    Resuming from replay feature has been announced.

    We are still developing it. We think e-sports will benefit massively from this feature. Just by having the replay file should allow players to resume the game. No other requirements will be necessary.

    Any information regarding the Beta period?

    We are satisfied with the game design. We are planning to monitor the game for the next 2-3 weeks. After that we are going to add more balance changes. We will release the game when it is fully balanced.

    How is the single player in HOTS?

    Cinematic is amazing (lol). It will mainly focus on the revenge of Kerrigan. More info will be released soon.

    Which Korean player is giving the most feedback?

    Not so much from the players. However, GOM TV Caster Engine is helping us a lot. He is playing random at high level. His experience as caster is also helpful. That is why we also ask him for more feedback.Players rarely give feedbacks and when they do, they only focus on one specific matchup.

    Any players in particular you are interested in?

    I love SKT1 Rain, LG-IM MVP, AcerScarlett and EG Stephano. I hope Stephano wins the WCS.

    Recent Code S winner Startale Life has been setting new paradigm in Zerg's play style. What are your thoughts on this?

    Life is very interesting and unique player. We love players who are innovative and play differently. We are still amazed how new strategies are being created at this point in time.

    Any words to the fans who will experience HOTS in G-star 2012?

    Since the game is still at its developing phase, it will not be able to deliver the best game experience. However, we are hoping that people would appreciate the potential in the game. Please leave feedbacks on the forum after experiencing HOTS. Personally, I hope MVP, DRG and Rain to succeed in G-star 2012 (lol)

    Interview #2


    Is there any race in particular that stands out in HOTS? Also, how are balance changes going to occur in HOTS?

    Currently we are not at the stage of analyzing the racial balance. Instead, we are focusing on what to do with the new units that are being added. We are trying to make pro gamers recognize the potential of new units and use them more often in games. Having said that, we can't say which race is OP and which isn't. We think all new units are strong.

    In WoL, Zerg seems to dominate lategame after hive tech. What are your thoughts on this and how are you going to address it? Also on the similar note, Terran's bio seems useless at the late game and the immortal/sentry all-in rush in PvZ seems really strong.

    Looking at the overall tournaments, we believe that there is balance in pro-gaming level. Although we have been getting tons of feedbacks on Zerg being OP, if we take a look at last 10 major tournamets, racial distributions in players and winners are balanced. Although it may seemed that Zerg's late game is unbeatable, W/L ratio is still being balanced at 50:50. At this time we have to wait for new strategies from progamers.

    Currently the most widely discussed unit is BL - Infestor combination.If the dominance is present in both ZvP and ZvT, we are willing to reduce the range the fungal growth or reduce the radius. If this is only applicable to ZvP, we are willing to buff carriers by making interceptors immune to fungal growth. However, we still think that BL-Infestor composition isn't a big deal.

    Terran's Bio force are dominating in early and mid game. Considering the variety of metagame, we don't see any problem in this. In HOTS, we are going to make mech play more viable so that progamers can use both bio and mech depending on their characteristics.

    Recently, the metagame demonstrated in large tournaments seem to be stable. We are speculating that this is due to players abusing certain metagame composition. What are your thoughts on this?

    Yes, we are aware that this is happening but we believe that there are still variations among players. For e.g. TvZ, MKP will put more emphasis on bionic to take control of the mid to late game with micro. LG-IM's MVP will favor mechanic in this match up. However, we are aware that many players are using similar build and this issue is very difficult to touch upon in WoL. Without adding new units, we have to fix many other factors to prevent balance from collapsing. Thus we are going to address this issue in HOTS through new units.

    What are your thoughts on the rising star "Startale Life"?

    Balance patches should be made when a single player dominates, or single build/metagame for a particular race dominates the scene. Currently we expect Zerg to dominate. Although the stats are showing that it's not, if a particular race dominates the other races, we are willing to change some things.

    The problem is with Life is that we are not sure if it's Zerg that is getting stronger or is if it is only applicable to Life.
    More discussions are necessary to address this issue.

    Some of the changes from WoL to HOTS does not have the "impact" that was seen when SCI original was transitioned to BW.

    We believe it is impossible to change everything at once. SC1 original was not at the level of making e-sports grow and even BW needed many updates to perfect the balance.

    In the early stages of SC2, the balance wasn't so bad. The developers are also trying implant small changes often instead of doing all at once. We have received several feedback indicatingthat HOTS isn't so much different from WoL. As a result, we reworked the design of many new units. For instance, widow mines are not consumable units but they do massive 160 damage. We are trying to change the metagame of HOTS to revolve around the new units.

    Why does hellbat in HOTS given a biological armor? Isn't hellbat a mechanical unit?

    In BW, firebats were rarely used. We only saw it once in a 100 games for example. We tried to make this unit a core part of the army. The reason why we added a biological armor is to allow hellbat to be used for two different purposes. In Thor/Tank composition, we wanted it to fight as hellion where as in bio force, we wanted it to fight as hellbat. When doing so, we realized that Hellbat could not get healed by medivacs and thus it was useless in terms of tanking. This is why we changed the armor to biological so that it can be healed by medviacs and act similar to marauders.

    Another way we are currently thinking is to change the medviac so that it can heal both bio AND mechanic through different healing mechanism. Also we are thinking of preventing hellbats to change back to hellions. The change in armor types during transformation is an issue that needs more research.

    There has been lot of balance talks in WoL. How are you going to address this in HOTS? Will we see new types of maps in HOTS?

    To fix the balance issues, we initially started with new maps in HOTS. In the end, we think a mixture of both old maps and new maps is essential for balance. That is why we are trying to put 3 most balanced maps from WoL and 5 new maps from HOTS into the beta. It is not final, however.

    Team games, especially in 4v4 ,we often see a dominance in pre-arranged team vs random team. How are you going to address this?

    Regardless of the teams, the w/l ratio is still 50:50. We are looking into this, however. For instance, if we separate premade teams from random teams, the search time will increase significantly. If we mix them together, players will be stressed out but the games will start sooner. However, non-ranked system is being added, we believe that it is ok to have some stress during ranked ladder games.

    Any DLC for SC2 to play SC1 campaigns?

    Not bad. I will ask the developers.

    Any words on global gateways system?

    The battlenet will be similar to D3 where global plays are available. If it was possible, we would implant this right away in the beta. In Korea, there is law against gaming therefore we will release more information later.

    Quelle: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/view...opic_id=380463
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