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"Ask me anything" der Starcraft Entwickler

Eine Diskussion über "Ask me anything" der Starcraft Entwickler im Forum StarCraft 2. Teil des Strategie-Bereichs; Dustin Browder (DB), David Kim (DK) und noch ein Entwickler namens Alan Dibiri (AD) habe sich einem "Ask me anything" ...

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    "Ask me anything" der Starcraft Entwickler

    Dustin Browder (DB), David Kim (DK) und noch ein Entwickler namens Alan Dibiri (AD) habe sich einem "Ask me anything" auf Reddit gestellt.

    Hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Punkte:


    • DB: SC2 dev team consists of 80+ Developers, hundreds of QA+ Cinematic+Other
    • DB: Not ready to give details on map marketplace
    • DB&AD: Did not deliver on promises of the HotS FAQ in terms of Arcade, and will be doing more work on it
    • DB: They would do polls but the results are never representative as most players don't use the forums
    • DB: A few developers working on Allstars. Most people working on Swarm, some artists have switches to Allstars with Swarm being finished, while campaign team has started work on LOTV
    • DB: They would not release the game if they don't think it's good
    • DB: No plans to go F2P as they can't find a design choice they would be happy with to make it F2P
    • DB: Reaction to b.net overhaul was surprising, people were way more excited than they thought
    • DB: We have not seen a decline due to the rise of "DOTA games", they don't see any threat. They are very different games with very different players
    • AD: Confident HotS launch will go smoothly, expecting "Over 9000" players within 5 minutes of launch
    • AD: Talking alot about improving the replay screen and how players can view and share plays. No time line yet
    • AD: B.net API and replay format specification is hopefully coming... eventually
    • DB: They would like to not patch the campaign if possible, if necessary, they will

    Legacy of the Void

    • DB: Legacy of the Void is in development, Story, Scripts, and Missions have been started.
    • DB: Custom Campaigns support possible for LOTV
    • DB: They hope it won't take as long as HOTS but efficient and quick game development is not something they have been great at
    • DB: Story isn't set in stone yet, they have ideas how it'll end but no final answer

    Multiplayer - General

    • DB: In-game unlockables are limited by memory
    • DB: Unlockables like: SC1 Music, SC1 Unit Sounds, Team Symbols, Unit Avatars, aren't out of bounds.
    • DB: Map sizes are much bigger than they ever thought it would be
    • DB&DK: They have an engineer working on making map-hacks more difficult but do not wish to talk about it for obvious reasons
    • DB: They will talk about the economy system, but obviously no changes for Swarm
    • DB: Stronger Team Colors had technical issues that would hurt lower end systems
    • DB&AD: Blizzard Time to Real Time is being worked on, but it was more complex than they anticipated
    • DB: The decision for 2 gas was to make SC2s economy more complex as they felt it was too simple with 1
    • DB: Everybody will see skins, but for players in esports settings, they can choose which skins to display
    • AD: They would like to continue adding AI builds in the future
    • AD: Not happy with Barcodes, as it defeats the purpose of GM (that being to be able to easily follow the best players), they are looking to address this but it is a delicate balancing act between privacy and being able to track players
    • DK: Balance issues could be fixed with maps, but not overdoing it is important
    • DK: Situation reports will continue
    • DK: Most tops pros focus on macro and require other players to create good strategies
    • DK: 3 base play on ladder is more popular than pros. They continue to talk about it but it isn't as major as people think

    Multiplayer - WOL

    • DB: PvP and PvZ had issues in Wings due to the unit mixes available, thinks Swarm has addressed the issues
    • DK: The Queen patch was actually one of the best changes they made. They still feel like Hellions running in, killing all the drones, and the game just ending wasn't exciting to watch
    • DK: They tried air and semi-air based maps, but scouting is far more important than in Brood War so it didn't work well

    Multiplayer - HOTS

    • DB: They tried Lurkers again in HotS, but they were not as good as they hoped, they were not as cool/fun/effective as the new units
    • DK: They are okay with Corruptors, it is not their favorite unit but it works well
    • DB: Community feedback had a massive effect on the Oracle, "basically undid out entire direction for the unit"
    • DB: It was hard to get good feedback from pros as they were often biased towards their own race, but David did find some pro players and casters who had more neutral views and formed relationships with them to get feedback
    • DK: Still thinks Oracle are unique despite losing the ability to harras without killing workers
    • DK: The goal for the Carrier is to never to be a core unit, but still able to come into play here and there
    • DK: Nydus worms changes were cut due to too much variety in lair tech for Zerg
    • DK: They want mech to be viable but not replace bio, feel like it'll be heavily tied to maps
    • DK: They don't think the Hellbat has many weird rules, other than gaining a bio tag
    • DB: Altering the core economy (3 base eco cap) would be a huge change and mean re-balancing the entire game


    • DB: Happy with KeSPA supporting SC2
    • DB: They will continue to promote barcraft
    • DB: A calendar won't be in launch but they will talk about it
    • DB: Esports is much bigger than they thought it would be, they expected 50 people in a room, not thousands
    • DB: Plans for 2013 and beyond not finalized, frequently talking to teams and organizers
    • DB: Esports is a big part of the development process
    • AD: Gameheart is very cool
    • AD: The customisable observer UI doesn't allow scripting, but they have some cool ideas for the future of it
    • AD: Reaction to the Custom Obs UI was a little surprising, they are glad we're excited for even the smaller features in HOTS
    • DB&AD: The Custom Observer UI shown in the eSports and Multiplayer video as an example, will be available with the HotS Launch.
    • DK: Maps on ladder could use a huge improvement, current plan is to work more closely with tournaments, not only meaning using tournament maps, but also creating maps with input from them.


    • DB: Dustin Browder once beat David Kim, as David was reading e-mails during the final battle
    • DB: Activision have been very supportive of SC2
    • DB: Dustin Browder watched a ton of TLO, he enjoys watching Grubby and White-Ra stream. MKP is one of his favourite players to watch micro, and NesTea is still his favourite
    • AD: Alan Dabiris favourite players are Boxer and July.
    • AD: The team often go watch tournaments together, and have been to barcrafts in Irvine
    • DB: Browder thinks an RTS on a tablet would not be able to work at the pace of SC2 due to vision being effected by fingers
    • DB: Dustin is Platinum League - playing random
    • DB: Dustin wanted to release the game 1 year before release, but Mike Morhaime intervened and said they need more time
    • DB: Dustin thinks video games are the most complicated form of entertainment built by humans
    • AD: Alan Dabiri is GM on Korean ladder under the name "|||||||||||||||"
    • DK: David Kim doesn't just work on balance, he is a General Game Designer, working on all parts (so now you can blame him when dying on brutal campaign too!) of multiplayer.
    • DK: Strength of reddit is the point system which makes important issues surface to the top quickly, it is one of the easier methods to gather feedback
    • DB: "Outbreak" is Dustin Browders favorite mission

    Das gesamte AMA kann hier nachgelesen werden: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comment...and_david_kim/
    it's not easy when it's icy

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    but efficient and quick game development is not something they have been great at
    Schön das se es selber zugeben

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    Blizzard hat auch selbst eine Zusammenfassung des AMA erstellt:

    it's not easy when it's icy

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