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Issue regarding HoN and Mumble

Eine Diskussion über Issue regarding HoN and Mumble im Forum ...:::SoDsW:::.... Teil des Clanforen-Bereichs; The question is very simply. Why can't I play with SoDsW without Mumble? It was never a problem in the ...

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    Issue regarding HoN and Mumble

    The question is very simply. Why can't I play with SoDsW without Mumble? It was never a problem in the past and shouldn't be a problem now. What you expect anyway? Just join Mumble and say nothing? Or say pointless messages you could also make in chat. It is not like any of us is even close to pro level. Also I don't frown upon people who use it. I am just saying everyone should do what they feel best with it. Wether that is with or without Mumble.

    I never had a problem with SoDsW anymore in this recent future and I was quite glad I could play along them when I announced to freezy I downed HoN. But then that stupid force to join Mumble issue showed up. My mood went down the drain. The time I did join was purely on adrenaline. I basicly said nothing so does that equal Mumble joining? Because if that is the case I don't mind joining it. I might even speak myself in the near future. As I just feel like I need to build new confidence with SoDsW. That just doesn't happen on the instant. Certainly not what I did and I believe I said I was sorry for that in another thread some time ago.

    Could it be that SoDsW lost faith in me? I find that slight hard to believe and maybe that is just all in my head. Seeing as many HoN members don't even know me. Basicly only freezy,morros,finsher and Clucky? I admit I might be slighty paranoid regarding this but that is purely because we barely played.

    I do have a new clan in sight but nothing is for sure right now as I never forgot about SoDsW. So that also means I still care for SoDsW, my loveable friends. I do know that thread I made with that poll is quite silly and done on paranoid level.

    Well I better end this long drag of a text before it gets out of hand.

    Conclusion, Mind still loves SoDsW but is just very insecure.
    -may the force be with you-

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    HoN is a Teamgame, no teamgame w/o Mumble end of Story^^

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