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AvP 3 demo

Eine Diskussion über AvP 3 demo im Forum Shooter. Teil des Spiele allgemein-Bereichs; I'm 17 years old (the adult age in Missouri), and I can't get the demo because my account is still ...

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    AvP 3 demo

    I'm 17 years old (the adult age in Missouri), and I can't get the demo because my account is still a child account. Unfortunately my brother, cousin, and uncle have used all 3 of my Xbox 360's 30 days of Gold for free accounts, and so now I can't get the demo and play with my friends. All of my friends who have Xbox 360s have the demo, because they were smart and lied about their ages. How can I get the demo? Also, if anyone would be so kind as to create a new adult account on Xbox Live using their Xbox 360 and give me the e-mail and password, I would much appreciate it (you can just make something up for the e-mail address, it doesn't matter).

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    Well, you cant get the demo with a german account because the game won't be released here. So why not just creating a new american account yourself?
    Another thing is to contact Microsoft Support and tell them that you made a mistake with your age or whatever. Maybe they can help you.
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