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Paris fat close

Eine Diskussion über Paris fat close im Forum Seduction. Teil des Off Topic-Bereichs; Here is the post i placed on mASF TRESWWW: Ok, i was in Paris last Week end. My goal was ...

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    Paris fat close

    Here is the post i placed on mASF

    Ok, i was in Paris last Week end. My goal was to practice all the MM routines i was preparing.
    That was my field test.
    1) i wanted to see de difference between Swiss and French girls
    2)i wanted to field test my skills.

    I met Sabel and his wing (don't know his nick here) and they were great, Wowww... they don't let a
    HB pass by 100 mts around them!!!! they are "Street Approaching Machines" and they #Closed some HB
    while i was drinking something. I was just looking at them (i was 5 PM) because MM would start at
    night. They are great and if you are in Paris you should meet them ( DocGeronto is the thirth
    Wing, but i could not meet him then).
    Went to Buda bar (or something like that) nice bar with at least 20 HB (we were not able to
    approach in the restaurant, only at the bar).
    I entered there and saw a group of 6 HB in front of the door, near a table. Opened with Hi,
    (smile)... i know you are classy girls so i would like to ask you a question... what's your first
    impression on that.
    They start to say it's strange (they are from greece) one speak english so she translate to the
    others. I fucked up because i didn't choose a target and i was talking to every girl.
    I said, can i sit here, they said yes. I double fucked up because i said: i go to toillet and come
    back (why the hell i did that?) when i came back my wing Sabel was hitting on the 9.5 (the one
    i've chosen as target after) so when i came back i started to talk to her again (sorry Sabel) i
    was so exited that i didn't realise sabel was hitting on her.
    I talked about Spells and how my friend received one and (you know the feeling you get when you
    fall maddly in love with somebody (SP) so do you think that spells work? blablabla
    So after my fuck up i said nice to meet you, bye. They were nice with me, no bitch shield at all,
    no need to Neg. Just fine, i was showing myself happy to be there with them, just having fun, and
    not showing interest at all.

    I go downstairs and started to chat a group of 3 8s and a 7.
    hi, smile, black nails, and NEGed a guy.
    A guy working at the restaurant came and said:
    -can i help you?
    -NO, not at all, but thanks for trying!! (while puting my hand on his back)
    Then he just got frozen and a minute after he said: ok, you cannot be here, you are not welcome
    with the girls ( i said to the group, do am i welcome? they make a gesture like "i'm not sure" and
    then i said: nice to meet you so, (and leave)

    Going upstair
    A 9 working there
    HI, smile, Black nails opener, spell (she doesn't understand what an spell is (and i don't find
    the name in french). Some clients came and she went to find a table for them. I leave ( that's
    something i learned... don't stick at a girl)

    2 england girls
    hi, smile, black nails, spell, lot of fun with them, they are nice no need to NEG, they ask if i
    have my toes's nails in black too (having fun about that, SURE IT DOESN'T)
    a 3th girl integrate to the set and they start to talk about england ( i say: i could never live
    in england... that's a so cloudy country!!!!) my wings come so we are now 3 guys and 3 girls, but
    the girls saw the future interaction and the bitch shield start to grow.
    Eject with nice to meet you.

    Blonde 8.8
    i fucked up from the begining (Sabel told me she was kissing with a guy) so i just said to her:
    I just wanted to tell you i you have the most beautifull profile i saw today... here... now ( do
    you think that is a kind of neg? first showing some interest and then reframing it like something
    She was nice, she said: thanks, i said goodbye.

    2set 8 and 7.5
    Hi, smile, I wanted to tell you that you have the most beautifull eyes i saw today... here... now.
    She said thanks, i don't remember the rest of the interaction (just that it was friendly) i eject

    Asian community
    a 5set (a guy and 4 girls)
    Hi, smile, where are you from... how are you? do you like the place.. blabalbal
    Black nail opener, ESP (they are the only people there who knows what the hell is ESP (all the
    others didn't knew it at all, so i did should explain it to the rest of people) (now i remember
    that i used ESP with some others Sets too (never worked!!!, no matter i had fun saying they should
    not believe in that)
    They don't believe. the guy is looking at the girls as saying "who is this guy" (but not
    Cockblocking, only amazed i could enter there and start talking with them like that)

    Blonde_little mouth
    When leaving the place i just saw this girl, and i don't even remember what i said, but i started
    to talk to her about internet and seduction (i think i asked: what's your technique when you are
    trying to pick up a guy? (in ajoking way) she say i won't tell you, because i should pick you up
    to show you how.
    But i'm sorry, i really don't remember how the interaction started.
    She said she is from england, i said: cloudy country, will never live there.
    She just moved a little and saw a mark in her neck, i said: wowww you should say to your boyfriend
    to take care!!!
    blablabla and ejected (it was funny the conversation, but i didn't use any techniques at all here)
    nice to meet you, bye.

    At the street (before all the others approaches, Sabel and wing show me a girl and told me: Go
    levitate a bottle for her, so i did)
    I go there, hi, smile, how are you.. (she had a cross in her neck) are you a believer? because of
    your cross...Black nails opener, i wanted to show something to you: levitate bottle she say: don't
    don't do that!!! i'm afraid of that!!! :-)
    ok, nice to meet you ( i just wanted to test my levitation skills, they are not so bad i think :-)

    Ok, we leave and went to an African Party (why the hell we went there!!!¨it was empty as hell, but
    we had fun trying to open the African HB ( cold responses everywhere) we had the guys saying:
    Yeah!!!! that's the way to do it!!! at each group i opened :-)
    After opening some groups (no responses, no feedback, groups opened only for 1 minutes or 2) i
    started to dance with Sabel and his Wing.
    We said: let's have fun!!!!
    started to dance approached a group: no response
    I then Approached another 4 girls 7, 2 6s and a 5 hahahahhah THAT'S THE BEGINING OF THE HISTORY!!
    HAHAHA (one of the girls was FAT AND WITH A LOT OF CURLY HAIR)
    if you are standed up... please sit!!! ;-)
    i was too close to complimenting the eyes of the 7 (green/brown eyes in a black girl is strange)
    but i didn't. i said: I HOT HERE (IT really was) and all of them agreed. I said: don't you have a
    fan to borrow me? (having fun), i said to the Fat ONE don't you have a fan in your hair? (touching
    his hair) she laught and said NO!
    -ahh OK!!
    -Keep dancing, but turn back to her, when i did she turn to and touch my dick (by mistake?)
    So i turn back to her and we all start to dance making a circle of something
    We keep dancing closer and closer, tried A kiss (she turned the face) try again later (again turn
    the face) keep dancing, and then: Kiss close. The girls start to have fun of us, so i Neg her
    Hey!!!! You didn't tell me your Friend was Carnivore!!!! (because she was kissing me hard!!!) nice
    neg isn't it? ;-)
    They all burst laughing!!! and they say!!! Yeah!!! but you like it!!!
    Then i continue dancing with her. Took her hair and grab it all with one hand: i want to see how
    is your face without your hair over it (touching her ears), hey!!!! you are like a little cat!!!
    (you are melting while i do that) I guess why all girls melt this way!! do you like me to touch
    you this way? what do you like the more? she said: kissing my neck. So i start to kiss her neck
    and she got HOT.
    I said: is getting hot in hear, let's sit.
    We sit and continue kissing. she takes a drink and finish it. She is really drunk now!!
    Continue kissing. I'm making jokes about how she is loosing her dress, and putting them back (
    saying:i will not undress you YET!! ) You will not now neither latter!! (she said)

    Ok, i skip some time.
    I said: we should go somewhere else (she were trying to blow my dick while all people were
    looking!!!) i said stop!! go somewhere else.
    she said: i will ask my friend if you can come with us.
    We meet their friends and they say: we are leaving, she leaves, and i walk to the entrance to have
    my clothes and go home (I don't care!!! She is FAT)
    When i'm leaving she say!!! Why do you leave!!! stay with me!!!
    I said: NO, we can do nothing here. Go with me.
    We go outdoor, sat at a door near the club and continue kissing.
    I pushed the door with my back and... iT opens!!!!
    So... i took her hand, standed up, enter to the bulding and fucked ;-)
    She is in love with me now!!!
    Ok... she is FAT but... who cares!!! is my first One Night stand That finish with a concrete
    Fclose (The others where only Blow jobs, finger fucking and so and so)

    So... Do you have something to say? Say it now or Shut up for eternity ;-)

    So... i like paris.
    Now i'm back in switzerland but i learned something, my attitude here was a little strange,
    because i was taking too much care of swiss society, taking care of what people say.
    Now i don't care that much, and i'm showing myself much more than before going to paris.
    I'm back to the GAME.
    Comments or flames welcomed

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    Fuckin brilliant Report Tres

    I cant access mASF now, Computer is still broken down.

    I have a few questiosn thou:

    - Whats the black nail Opener? I know you got to have your nails painted black, but whats the Opener?

    Great Report, you are still pickin up every Opportunity But why are those French PUAs Street-Sarging? I mean isnt it really hard? I prefer clubs & bars, Im still on my DE-SHYING but its gettin better and better.

    - You know what I think is your major Problem tres, I've seen you sarging in switzerland, and you open almost every Opportunity, but then you have some problems. I think you should use a lot mor HUMOUR. Best way to do it, always use it when you can, I think it gets you really really better when you use it more because you can open almost every chick out there.
    Yeppee-ki-yay Motherfucker

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    Yeah!!! Everybody tells me the same!! i eject too soon, i got attention but no interest. So i need to work my attraction a little more.

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