Hey I have some really awesome Neg or Neg-Routines, Im not sure if Mystery made that up or not but I modified it it works man

Tell a girl this after she said something:

"Ohhh you know what? You are soooo cute (she'll smile at that point if shes not a Hottie)...your nose wiggles when you talk" Now turn around and tell the obstacle: "Hey look, isnt your friend the cutest thing ever/isnt she cute, her nose wiggles when she talks" Then tell your target: say Poo Pee Pants Man really this lowers her self-esteem like crazy because you increase the intensity. You can also say: "Oh look there it goes again (touch her nose) haha", and then when her self esteem isnt more worth than a piece of garbage say: "Oooohhh I'm just kidding...come here (HUG HER)"

Its damn brilliant to get physical

Another one I can use, even as an opener is this:

"Excuse me, Im not sure if anyone has told you this but I think you have Lipstick on your teeth" (make a serious face)

The point here is that she has 2 Options:

a) she will run to the bathroom to get her teeth & lipstick sorted, that leaves you now with the other friend(s) you can befriend now, and when she gets back HIT the target again with a negative comment like "Yeah now its better, the Lipstick on your teeth is gone" (make sure her friends her this hehe, damn is this sneaky )

b) she is trying to fix it right on the spot, so that lowers her self-esteem even more because everybody sees her

Nice isnt it

Which ones do you use, I almost always use the Nose-Wigles neg, love it