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FR *closed a 10 !

Eine Diskussion über FR *closed a 10 ! im Forum Seduction. Teil des Off Topic-Bereichs; Heres my Field Report from last night, I already posted it on mASF, my Computer is workin again Hi Bro's ...

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    FR *closed a 10 !

    Heres my Field Report from last night, I already posted it on mASF, my Computer is workin again

    Hi Bro's

    Long time no see :-)
    (I was practising my skills, had to get away from the dancefloor and go
    sarging in the other areas)

    Ok heres my field report from last night, its a bit long but worth reading
    it. I supposed to meet up with one of my pals in a student nightclub which
    is usually very busy on a saturday. He is an AFC but I dont mind I just
    wanted to hang out and have some fun since you can wear whatever you want in
    a student nightclub I got in at midnight (I know its a bit late but the
    club doesnt get busy until at least 11pm and I met one of my girls on the
    street so I lost time, didnt expect to meet her that night, anyway...), I
    checked out the club first, a lot of people, especially in the dancefloor
    area but I could hardly see any HB above 8.5...I went to the bar and got
    myself a drink, I asked for a water and its free so here we go. I went on a
    stage which was located at one end of the dancefloor so you could observe
    everything. I positioned myself where everyone could see me up there...I was
    wearing white trainers and a white jumper, so it kinda reflects in the
    lights and I stick out of the crowd automatically.

    So I was up there on the stage having fun and some girl tries to grab my ass
    all the time, I turn around and say :"Hey ! Excuuuse ME ! You're touching my
    ass...thats kinda personal you know" Then she tells me that she is
    BI-Sexual and that her girlfriend is over there (hmm maybe we can work that
    into a 3-some?!). After I turned my back on her I recognised a girl on the
    dancefloor...or in other words SHE recognised ME first and was pointing
    towards me and telling her friends or something. Now I did recognise
    her...heres a brief background:

    I met her about 6 months ago, and I totally fucked up because I was still in
    my RAFC stage and had to experience things...so I landed in LJBF land. Now I
    met her 3 days ago on the street by accident, she was with a friend and I
    NEGed the shit out of her, heres a brief summary, by the way she is
    definately a 9.5 if not really close to a 10 ! (I skip the first min because
    it was just fluff like dont I know you blah blah blah etc):

    After she (I call her HB Rose) introduced me to her friend her friend (UG)
    asked me

    UG: Where are you from?
    Me: I'm from Disneyland, would you like some candy? (They both crack up)

    Then HB asks me if I was still doing the same job

    HB: Are you still doing blah blah blah
    Me: Naw...I changed my job, Im an Ass-Model now, you know, those guys who
    walk around naked in underwear They crack up again and start laughing.

    Then I said to HB Rose

    Me: You know what? You are soooo cute, your nose wiggles when you talk, look
    there it goes (pointing to nose)
    HB: [immediately puts her hand in front of her nose, is embarrassed]
    Me (to UG): Hey look, she is so cute, her nose wiggles when she talks
    Me (to HB now): Say Poo Pee Pants !
    HB: [holding her hand in front of her nose, starts a bit laughing but feels
    a bit dumb and embarrassed]
    Me: Awww cmon Im just kiddin...(then I hug her)

    I hit some other NEGs on her but maybe I was going a bit too far, maybe not
    maybe it was still ok and not an insult. They had to leave because they were
    on their way to a club. I said "It was nice meeting you again, bye" (Note: I
    wasnt trying to get her number or anything, I was just practising because I
    knew I fucked up a long time ago and its so hard to recover from being a
    wussy boy. But now I totally changed, and thats good )

    So back to the nightclub, I was still on this stage, and after about 3min
    she is standing behind me, she came all the way up to me:

    Her: Hi, how are you?
    Me: Fine, how are you?
    Her: Fine...do you wanna dance? (hmm maybe it DID work 3 days ago...anyway)
    Me: Yeah but under one condition...
    Her: What?
    Me: You have to help me keeping the girls away from me, all they wanna do is
    grabbing my ass
    Her: [smiles]

    Then she takes my hand and we go on the dancefloor. Now the thing is that
    she was without a doubt the hottest chick in the whole club (about 1000
    people in there), so I needed a main tactic to get her even MORE attracted
    to me. Remember on the dancefloor you cant talk (I know dancefloors better
    than probably anyone but thats not the point here now). So first I did what
    I was usually doing, big smile, holding my drink and having fun, and what
    kinda music is working better than cheesey music if you want to have some
    fun?! (Student-clubs = cheesey music). But my tactic was that I avoided
    her a bit, I was always dancing some steps away from her, even looking away
    or looking at other chicks, IOW I IGNORED her so that SHE had to work to get
    my attention ! She was trying to KINO on the floor but I always avoided it
    and moved some steps away and turned my back a little, and she ALWAYS came
    back to me. But I did this as kind of a sub-tactic, I was having fun all the
    time, smiling, laughing, dancing, singing, teasing etc. so she was smiling
    and having a great time too, and I made her laugh ALL THE TIME !

    Then she said that she was feeling hot and that she wanted to go to the bar,
    she took my hand and we go to the bar. The funny thing here is that SHE
    asked me what I wanted to drink and she finally paid ME a drink (are we
    gettin somewhere?! ).
    She comes back with teh drinks, I said "Thank you", she answered with
    "you're welcome" and we hit the dancefloor again (geeesh, party-girls always
    wanna dance, hey, just the way I like it I took her hand now and lead her
    to the dancefloor, she followed and stepped really close to me, like hugging
    me from behind. I made her laugh all the time, and it was almost always her
    who initiated KINO, not me, I was trying to avoid it. She hugged me a lot
    and when she did she pressed her cheek against mine. We then went to the bar
    again, still a bit dancing and I was holding her, my arms around her waist,
    and I was touching the front of her nose with mine and I was looking in her
    eyes...she then smiled and said: "You know I dont kiss guys the first time I
    meet them" The point her is I KNEW that she was going to say that because I
    remembered it. I then said: "I didnt say you could kiss me...Hey, you're my
    friend !" Her reaction to it was obvious now: She looked a bit away and
    then said: [a bit embarrassed] "oh...well then..." and I could smell that
    she would have NEVER expected such an answer. Then she asked me if I wanted
    to sit down somewhere, so I took her hand again and was walking throu the
    club with her, me in front. She was now holding me and she put her chin on
    me shoulder as we were walking...

    We then finally found a place to sit down, she was sitting on my left so it
    was good for KINO. I NEGed her again, about her cute Nose (from thursday),
    about her nails, her hair that was a mess and the that I can dance better
    than her and I made her laugh ALL THE TIME ! She loved it, you could tell.
    Then she was feeling a bit thirsty and asked me if I buy her a drink, I said
    that I dont buy girls drinks...she was feeling thirsty but I was toying with
    her a bit I told her: "You dont kiss guys the first time you meet them,
    and so dont I buy girls drinks the first time I meet them" But I got her
    some water after that, since water is 4 free, and I even told her that I
    didnt BUY it She then even put her glas to my mouth so that I could drink
    some water, I then did the same (man where was this all going to
    Yeppee-ki-yay Motherfucker

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    She then asked something like if we were going to meet up again, I told her
    then this: "No...I mean, cant you just look at it as a time full of fun and
    excitement with me...tonight...like as a gift you get for christmas" She
    didnt say anything to this...She excused herself to the ladies room...then
    she came back. Now I did the Fascination Pattern on her, well at least parts
    of it I then Neged her again, made her laugh again and initiated KINO,
    she even put my arm around her, and you know what she asked me?

    Her: "Would you like to go on a romantic walk after this?"

    I accepted Thats so damn funny, because thats part of the fascination
    pattern (romantic walk)...

    I then walked down with her to a river who has a passageway with
    park-benches just next to it with a lot of lights (Yep I did my homework
    As we were walking down, I elicited her values...you never know when you can
    use them. Then I asked her "On what kinda place on the world would you know
    love to be?" She said she would love to be on a beach, looking at the stars
    and just listening to the waves crashing (oh shes auditive and visual, good
    to know I then sent her her own words back to her, I said somthing like
    "Yeah I know what you mean, like you are there, and theres this TOTAL
    SILENCE (it was quite silent at that time by now, it was about 2am), and its
    just you, and all you can hear are the waves and nothing else..." She was in
    trance, and all she could say was "Yeah"...We then were walking along the
    river, it was like central-park in New York, you get the picture. I dont
    know when I saw this Park-Bench it just reminded me of the movie Forrest
    Gump, and then I said to her: "You kno what this all reminds me of?" She:
    "No what?" Me: "Of Forrest Gump, you know the park-benches and all that"
    She: "How did you know, thats one of my favourite movies..." (That was
    lucky, no skill at all, it just popped up in my mind), then about after 3min
    I asked her if she liked the movie "Braveheart" ! (The point here is that
    Braveheart is one of the favourite movies of about 99% of the people in
    Scotland) She went like "Oh my god how did you know?"

    We then sat down on a park-bench, we were cuddling and then I said to her:
    "Look at all the lights (no stars that night, had to improvise, but the view
    was still really beatiful), dont they just look like they are sticken to
    wall, like stars to the sky...than can really capture your imagination
    and...FASCINATE you ! She goes into trance. Our faces get closer again, then
    she smiles and she sais: "I thaught you said you only want to be friends" I
    then smiled and said: "You know, thats part of being Hard to Get...and I am
    Hard to Get " We then got closer again and she pulls back and said: "I've
    got butterflies !" And I have to admit here that I had some too, but just

    It was getting colder and we both didnt have jackets so we went to my house,
    I lead her upstairs and showed her the view, and the cool thing is that at
    night the view from my window really is beatiful. She was
    totally..well...fascinated She was in trance again, just looking outside
    the window...she said: "Its beautiful, isnt it?" Me: "Yeah, it is" She then
    asked for a glass of water, and I brought her one, when I came back she was
    sitting on a chair, so I gave her the water and sat down on a chair next to
    her, both looking outside the window. Then our faces got closer again, and
    we kissed, it was just a short kiss...she asked me if I could put some music
    on. I did and she sat down on the couch. Then we were cuddling again, and
    she tells me that she cant believe how comfortable she just feels. She
    excused herself then to the toilet and I switched the radio-station because
    it was crap. I planned it that when she gets back that I will still be
    standing and tuning the radio She comes back, I take her by the waist and
    she puts her arms around my neck and we kiss again (again just a short one),
    she then dances a bit but then decides to lay down on the couch again. I
    layed beside her and we cuddle really close and then we kiss, this time a
    lot longer. Heavy KINO this time.

    It was after 3am now, so we both were pretty tired afterall. She gave me her
    number and made sure I knew it by heart as well I called her a cab then
    and went with her outside the door. We were cuddling again and she asked me
    if I will send her a message and I told her the following: "Im going to send
    you 1 message on your cell-phone, Im NOT going to call you and Im NOT going
    to send you 2 messages, I dont take womens bullshit so you better answer" I
    smiled a bit and she then said "ok" and she asked "when will you text me?" I
    said: "I'll surprise you" and smiled, she smiled as well and we kissed
    again...the cab was there now, she said "bye baby" and I said "ok, bye
    baby", when she was almost out the door she turns back and gives me another
    kiss and then goes into the cab.

    What do you guys now think? I havent made up my mind yet where I should take
    her the next time we meet up...I think Im going to use a lot more SS /
    Stories (havend made a plan for myself yet) from now on with her, because
    she is the romantic type of girl. What do you guys think?

    comments/suggestions always welcome

    Yeppee-ki-yay Motherfucker

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