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What's new?

The fourth version of Renegade X is up and ready to play! Renegade X is the Command & Conquer mod for Unreal Tournament 3, and since September 30th 2009, our beta has been open to the public to try out. We've consecutively released three versions of Renegade X in just over three months, and now our long-awaited version 0.5 is now available.

This will be our final build for Unreal Tournament 3. At this point forward, the team will be concentrating on porting Renegade X over to the Unreal Development Kit - this process will make the mod standalone, and therefore, once we make our Renegade X releases for the UDK, you will no longer require Unreal Tournament 3. The process will take a few months, and we will be sure to update you all with details once things are on their way.

At the same time, we will be organizing plenty of events for Renegade X 0.5. The latest version of the Server Client also includes an auto updater, which will allow us to make quick patches when necessary for 0.5


=============Renegade X v0.5 Beta=============

Name: RenegadeX_Beta_v05.exe
Size: 528mb
Date: 10/01/2010


This is the official final Major beta release for the Unreal Tournament 3 version of the total conversion mod "Renegade X" that is recreating Command and Conquer Renegade and improving upon what made the game so great.



- Added Powerplants
- Added new Obelisk Interior
- Turrets now give you points for damaging/repairing them


- Added new Havoc model
- Added Havoc/Sakura Anti-material sniper class
- Added Mobius/Mendoza character class. Currently using jacketless versions of Havoc/Sakura
- Personal Ion Cannon/Railgun classes now using jacketless versions of Havoc/Sakura
- Increased falling damage
- Buying a beacon and then switching characters no longer loses the beacon


- Added Under
- Added Walls
- All maps have enhanced visuals
- All maps have fixed numerous bug/glitches/exploits

Purchase Terminals:

- New characters are now purchasable from the PT
- Updated Icons of updated character classes
- Increased Text Size


- Increased Flame Tank range
- Enhanced tank shell explosions
- Enhansed Stealth Tank missiles effect
- Enhansed Visual effects of all bullet firing vehicles
- Added lights to all vehicles
- Muzzle flash does not appear when in vehicles in alt fire
- Harvester can now squish enemies


- Added Volt Auto Rifle (Temporary Visuals)
- Added new standard Sniper Rifle (Temporary Visuals)
- Added new Repair gun
- Fixed last remote C4 to not being detonateable if weapons were switched
- Super Weapons are now visible to everyone
- Added EVA sound for super weapons being disarmed
- Enhanced numerous weapon effects
- Enhanced numerous weapon sound effects
- Shotgun accuracy is more random

Server Client:

- New User Interface
- Added Renegade X Map editor launching capabilities
- Added GameSpy login (Optional)
- Added Auto Updater
- Added Server Hosting capabilities
- Added a Map Cycle indicator for selected server


- When in a vehicle and exit into Tiberium, your infantry does not get damaged
- Player Names are now displayed above each player
- Added Map Voting
- Added Map Editor
- Added Source Code
- Added Buzzer's IRC Bot
- Mutators are now Enabled (set bPureRenMode to false)