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Fan spiel c&c II The cold war

Eine Diskussion über Fan spiel c&c II The cold war im Forum Renegade(X). Teil des C&C Classic-Bereichs; ich habe das nicht so verstanden aber es soll eine art fan spiel geben das 2009 raus kommen soll das ...

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    Fan spiel c&c II The cold war

    ich habe das nicht so verstanden aber es soll eine art fan spiel geben das 2009 raus kommen soll das einzige was ich verstanden hab was es gibt und wie es heist der rest ergibt für mich keinen sinn ach schaut es euch selber selber an

    C&C;: Renegade II - The Cold War

    Eva Data bank File A- 3 - The Great World War IIII
    In 1974 only 3 years following the defeat of Yuri at the hands of the allied forces, a satalite picture with startaling new was found, a soviet battleship was spotted in international waters near the united states west coast. Over the following weeks many more ships were spotted, slowly forming a large armada, the united states well aware of the impending attack had fortified and prepared it's coast for the worst. On July 7th the invasion had began, the soviet armada had stormed the American beachs, the armada consisted of ships and technology from mixed origins from remnants of the 2nd great world war, and the third to new never before seen floating fortress. The united states west coast had been able to put up a struggle for a year before finally succumbing and falling under soviet control, meanwhile in Europe the situation had worsened, the soviet union had led a powerful offencive against the allied forces of Europe, conquering much new land and gaining a large amount of power.
    On September 5th 1975 the United States and the remaining European countries established a task-force with the goal of reclaiming the taken land, the counter attack was met with great success, fully reclaiming the lost land and even going as far as to take moscow and the whole of the soviet union itself. The task-force had from that point on became an occupation force, holding down and oppressing the soviet territories, Dissolving the red army, and destroying most remaining military facilities.
    Eva Data bank File P-1 - Soviet Independence
    Over the last few years the public view of the Allied occupation of soviet territories had shifted dramatically, as news of the humanitarian conditions in the "Red" Territories as they were called had began to surface. At a conference in 1979 the UN announced plans to remove its forces from the soviet union, following a re-arming and reconstruction plan originally slated to span 5 years. In 1980 a group of small countries surrounding the soviet border had taken on the job of reconstruction replacing the UN task force all together. In 1981 the soviet union had declared independence as it's own nation, many of the countries which had originally helped with reconstruction had now become an integral part of the union.
    On August 23rd 1981 a nuclear missile was launched at the united states, eventually crashing into a patch of dessert, while the attack had only taken the lives of 5 people, the tensions had risen beyond braking point and the fifth Great World War had began.
    Our Projects goal is to link the stories of Command And Conquer Red alert 2: Yuri's Revenge and the much later Tiberian dawn. Originally westwood had intended there to be a link between the red alert universe and the tiberian one, yet with the development of Red Alert 2 these ideas seemed like a far fetched dream. The technological levels of both the soviets and the allies was greatly superior to that of GDI and nod, our goal is to explain the technological gap, and many more plot holes expressed by the entire CnC community.
    Single player Features:
    · A living and vibrant First Person Perspective of the battlefield
    · Two Campaigns, now serving under the soviet union, and allied forces.
    · Multiple story twists
    · Levels each with there own distinct feel, everything from Strawberry Fields, Snowy Arctics, deserted moon bases, nuclear wastelands, underwater cities (most likely reserved for a kane edition), to the desserts and pyramids of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

    Short Legal Note: This game isn't a commercial project, it falls under the classification of a "Fan game" If EA wishes us to include some sort of validation method that you own the original renegade, then we will, until then this project is standalone. Also, the image above is not from our finished game, it is from the original renegade, and can be found at CNC source.
    Ps:hab ich unter moddb gefunden http://www.moddb.com/games
    OPS:hab oben renegade
    Hallo hallo wo seid ihr ist das tehma etwa oder waurm schreibt hier niemand etwas 2 stunden warte ich schon auf beteilgung
    edit:habs verstanden volltert mich es ist ein reiner mod hab ich zu mindest so verdanden
    Geändert von nod MOD (18.11.2007 um 18:04 Uhr)
    FIGHT FOR NODOne world, one vision, in the technology of peace

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