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Eventualitäten der C&C-Geschichte...

Eine Diskussion über Eventualitäten der C&C-Geschichte... im Forum Renegade(X). Teil des C&C Classic-Bereichs; So und ich muss recht geben solten zusammen gefügt werden Aber sie sind nun und da kann man nichts ändern ...

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    So und ich muss recht geben solten zusammen gefügt werden Aber sie sind nun und da kann man nichts ändern zusamen und meines wissens ra1 spielt ww1 und ra2 ww2 und was solte eígentlich in ra1 die ameisen kampanie.und tib.dawn ist um 1995 spielen den genau so lange gibt es auch schon die scrin.ups dan häte ganz vergessen das einstein hitler wort wörtlich hitler gekillt hat um den 2ww so verhinder aber nein dan kommt son idie wie yuri an und löst da doch ww2 aus.
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    ha leute gute nachricht

    leuteeeee ein mod kommt raus Renegade 2 kein schrerz schaut mal auf moddb dass stand da:
    This'll probably look like a Renegade2 mod and somewhat that's what it is. Anyway, everybody knows that from RA1, the C&C storyline had divided itself into two timelines, one going towards TibDawn and the other to RA2. Well, what I'm trying to do is to link this 2nd timeline (Ra1 -> RA2) with the Tiberian one, exactly in a simmilar way what Westwood intended to do with Renegade2 (I think). Anyway, this's the storyline for the mod. Everything'll be based on it :
    he Third World War has ended with the Soviet Union defeated and the Allies victorious. Romanov has been executed for crimes against humanity, and a person called Kane, became the ruler of Russia.
    Aldo Kane was put by the Allies to rule the Soviet Union, he and his presidential staff (ex-memebers of Alexander Romanov's dictature) wanted to defeat America and control the world.To do this, they have to dismantle the Soviet Union and create a new image, the Broderhood of Nod.
    At the moment, Romanov's son, a man dedicated to the Soviet Union, wanted to revenge his father and the Union by defeating America. Kane saw in the romanov's intention a good metod of weakening America. He also knew that if he would dismantle the Soviet Union, then, Romanov's son will rally against him and seize control over his allready weaken country.
    He secretly funded the romanov's plan of invading America. The Soviet invasion has begun. Soon, it looked like America will be defeated. As the Soviet army marched across the entire U.S.A, crushing every city and activating the Mind-Controll technology that the Soviet army left in RA2, every citizen became a mindless automaton.
    Gnrl. Carville died defending the Pentagon, and agent Tanya has been found missing in action, fighting with a group of partizans in the Colorado state.
    U.N, N.A.T.O and the E.U saw that being dependent of America's power will have them defeated. So, U.N, N.A.T.O and the E.U joined to form a economico-military organisation called GDI (Global Defense Innitiative). The GDI launched a invasion on the American soil, and the GDI forces commanded by Gnrl. Brigadeer Looke, started pushing back the mighty Soviet war machine. As the Soviet conscripts were fighting fannaticaly for every inch of ground in their Central Command Center, the Chayenne Mountain Complex, Kane secretly stoped funding the Soviet forces. He also send a commando lead by a russian maffia mercenary Sakura, with the mission to assasinate the Soviet romanov leader. As the Soviet romanov was killed, Boris, a RA2 veteran took command and capitulated, sparing the lifes of his men.
    Time has passed Kane has been suspected of financing terrorist activites. He denied any involvement.
    After the announcement of dismantling the Soviet Union, Boris made public the fact that the assasinated romanov has been finnanced by Kane. Also, the veterans of RA2 started a revolution, but Kane stopped it by ordering his troops to shoot the rebels. Boris and the surviving veterans had been gadered in the Red Square and were publicly executed. Kane said : "Our time has come. Rivers of blood will flow of those who oppose us". The GDI accused Kane of disrespecting the rights of man. A war was starting to brew if it wasn't for a scientist, Ignatio Mobius to discover a meteorite that will hit Earth and eliminate the human race. The meteorite crashed, but Earth was still intact. The meteorite crashed in Italy right in the river Tiber. Also, Mobius discovered that a alien lifeform called tiberium was extracting minerals. Aldo it looked like a usefull lifeform, every object that came close to it was suffering severe mutations. People were afected and what is more worst is that there is no cure for tiberium, and this lifeform was spreading over the entire planet. Nod said that tiberium has economic benefits while GDI said that Nod wanted to make Earth a tiberium planet. Nod did not accept that and being backed-up by most of the planet's population, driven by the prospect of tiberium harvesting, declared war on GDI. The dawn of Tiberium (Tiberium Dawn) has begun.

    As it can be seen, the Allies are divided into the Europeeans (newly-formed GDI) and the invaded Americans that rely solely on the now old Allied technology. The Soviets or more corectly, the other side will be formed of : the Soviets (veterans of the 2nd Red alert war lead by Alexander Romanov's son, driven by revenge against the Americans), practicaly a faction of rebels that rely on what technology was left on the U.S in the previous war and funded by Kane (support from abroad - Russia) and Nod Blackhand divisions, allready trained in the spirit of the Brotherhood of Nod and not the soviet one (this, the soviets didn't knew ). They'll only appear as guard units for important supply areas and for ensuring that the soviets are "following" Kane's plans. They won't fight directly against the Allies.

    As a note : The models you see are not final and the textures (were there are textures) are only temporary

    is zwar nur multi player mod aber egal
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    na, mal sehen, was das wird.

    hier ist der link: http://mods.moddb.com/7209/renegade2...allery/?page=1

    allerdings, im gegensatz zu den grafischen mod-leckerbissen wie "RA APB", "Reborn" und "RA2 AR" finde ich die Sachen ein wenig unbeholfen. Klar fangen sie gerade an, aber ich denke, das Potential ist eher nicht so hoch.

    Außerdem: das einzige, was ich vom Original Ren2-Material so halbwegs wiedererkenne, ist die Scavanger-Brücke. Die aktuell dort vorgestellten Sachen entsprechen nicht unbedingt der Atmosphäre des bekannten ersten Levels von Ren2. Wenn ich modden könnte und so ein Projekt angehe, wäre der erste Schritt ganz klar alles nachbilden (wenn ich nicht an die originale rankomme), was bereits bei Ren2 vorhanden war.

    Ich sehe da nicht wirklich eine Zukunft. Ich vermute stark, es wird bei den 3 o.g. "großen" Mod's bleiben.
    Ist auch ganz ok so, denn die Zukunft gehört nunmal der CryEngine und damit Command&Crysis-The Dead 6.
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