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Physische Kickstarter Rewards

Eine Diskussion über Physische Kickstarter Rewards im Forum Planetary Annihilation. Teil des PC Strategie-Bereichs; Versandprozess hat begonnen. Shipping Physical Rewards FAQs It’s been 3 weeks since we began shipping out physical rewards. We still ...

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    Physische Kickstarter Rewards

    Versandprozess hat begonnen.

    Shipping Physical Rewards FAQs

    It’s been 3 weeks since we began shipping out physical rewards. We still have thousands more to ship so if you haven’t received yours yet, please know that it’s on its way! We’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding rewards and shipments. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Where’s my rewards?
    Rewards are still being shipped. We have thousands of backers to send rewards to all over the world. We have a small, but efficient fulfillment team working hard to get packages out as quickly as possible. They’re just as excited to ship your rewards as you are to receive them. ^_^

    Is there a tracking number?
    No, there’s no tracking numbers, sorry. We’re shipping with USPS and do not have tracking for these packages.

    Why do I have to pay more to receive my shipment?
    If you live outside of the United States, you may be charged customs/import fees to receive your package. The packages are shipped via USPS from PMC in Redmond, WA and have the estimated value of the products posted on the outside of the box. If customs request further information regarding the contents and their value, please email support@uberent.com.

    What do I do if my address has changed?
    Please email support@uberent.com to let us know what your new address is and we’ll try to get it changed before it’s shipped. If it ships before the address is changed and the package is returned, we’ll make sure to re-ship it to the new address.

    Where’s my USB drive?
    Did you receive a rubbery black and blue Progenitor? That is the USB drive! Clever, isn’t it? To access the USB, gently pull up where the red dot is. You may need pliers or fingernails the first time you pull it out. The USB drive is 8 GB and arrives empty. At the time of manufacturing, we were still creating the game and the Launcher. Instead of loading an outdated Launcher on the drive, we decided to mail a game key card to allow access to the latest Launcher.

    Some of my miniatures arrived bent. How do I fix them?
    The miniatures were manufactured through Reaper Miniatures. https://www.reapermini.com
    Through their Forums, we’ve discovered that you can place them in hot water, carefully remove them, and bend them back into place. Running them in cool water can help set the piece.

    What do I do if something is missing or broken?
    Please email support@uberent.com and let us know and we’ll work to replace the missing or damaged item.
    If you have any other questions or issues, please email support@uberent.com.

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    Na endlich....

    Mein Mass Effect 3 "Going for Gold!"-Guide (Letztes Update: 5. Dezember 2012)

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