Es wird wie im ersten Trailer kleinere Asteroiden geben (anstatt nur Miniplaneten), welche man in Planeten crashen kann. Das Planetensmashing wird auf die alte Version geändert, dass bei einem Smash direkt der ganze Planet zerstört wird anstatt dass nur ein Krater entsteht. Ebenfalls wird an nem neuen Planetenexplosionseffekt gearbeitet welcher mehr dem ersten Trailer entspricht.

Hey all,

Just wanted to swing by and give a quick update as to what we’re working on over at Uber!

Currently we’re pushing on getting the Asteroids in the game! The current design thoughts that have proven the most fun have them spawning in systems (if set up to spawn there), spawning up to 3 asteroids that can be launched at any planet in the system. I’ll be sharing more info on this as they progress in development here in this thread.

One major change that will be occurring with the introduction of asteroids will be reverting how planet smashing works back to the original design. Some of you may remember in Gamma and earlier that planets fully destroyed one another on impact instead of the crater method that was eventually implemented just before ship. Design has been overall unhappy with the current crater smashing, as the core of the game was designed with SMASH ALL THE PLANETS in mind. We’ve been doing playtesting internally and we have been much happier with the old smashing destroying the planet, as we feel it really goes more with the mass planet destruction feel of the original vision, and I’m sure all of you who have crashed a planet into another, only to have the commanders survive will agree. Alongside this change, we’ll also be working on a new planet smashing effect more in line with the original vision (as well as often requested )

Overall things keep moving forward in the world of PA, and the team keeps working to make the game everything we wanted it to be! Oh, and just as a sidenote, something I’ve been meaning to say for a long time now. I just wanted to take the time to thank the community for being so awesome and enjoying the game. It makes us happier than you could imagine to see so many people playing, streaming, and uploading videos of something we worked so hard on and just could hope it was enjoyed. I’ve seen a new player learning the game on twitch only to have players from the community jumping in the stream to help teach them. Community coming together to host and run tournaments. Our mod community knocking out amazing things and pushing to bring the community closer with great additions like global chat. Honestly, in 12 years of making games, this community is one of the most helpful and welcoming I’ve seen.. So thanks to you all for making PA so great a game to play