It is the dark, brutal days of late antiquity. The Roman Empire is collapsing and the end of the world seems to be at hand. As civilization itself crumbles, you lead a fledgling barbarian kingdom which seeks to fill this vacuum of power and establish itself as the new master of Europe!

But it won’t be easy. Ambitious rival kingdoms will stand in your way, and while the Romans may be weaker than they once were, they are still proud and formidable foes. However, external enemies are only one concern, and in these hard times even the land itself can be hostile...

  • Build a robust economy by finding and exploiting new resources. Deposits slowly deplete so you need to always be on the hunt for more - even if they belong to your neighbors. If none are nearby, a better option might be to migrate your entire tribe to a different part of the world!
  • Adapt to an ever-changing landscape as the seasons change. Craft plans where you not only survive but hope for fields to dry up, marshes to flood and rivers to freeze solid.
  • Vanquish enemies on the battlefield by deftly maneuvering around them and destroying their chains of supply. But make sure your own are protected, as tactical victory means nothing if your armies then starve to death!
  • Forge lasting diplomatic relationships with other leaders by lending them a hand in times of need. If Attila’s people are starving, sending him grain might earn you a friend for life.
  • Fight or cooperate with the Romans - and become more like them. Barbarian kingdoms become more “Romanized” and gain access to powerful new technologies as they interact with the two halves of the Empire.