RTSCups.de presents the Asians Dynasties 1v1 tournament with a total prize pool of $500, sponsored generously by Ensemble Studios. If you see any ES members kindly thank them, especially SOLUS who was kind enough to organize everything on their end.

The tournament is a two stage elimination style tournament. The first stage will eliminate the field to 32 players by means of single elimination. The remaining 32 players will then fight it out in a double elimination bracket for the great prizes.

. Champion: $300
. 2nd place: $150
. 3rd place: $50


The tournament will be open to everyone and we encourage everyone to participate.

To participate you only need to sign up at RTSCups.de and join the tournament (links below).

Tournament Administration

The tournament will be run by MMC|Xeon, NaikoN, and MMC|ReVolutioN, any questions or comments should be directed to us.


The tournament will run in two stages, single elimination and double elimination. The first stage will take the field and by means of single elimination eliminate until 32 players remain. The remaining players will play in a double elimination bracket to determine the champion. All games will be best of 3, the first map will be given by RTSCups admins, the second map will be chosen the first games loser, and the third map, if needed, by the winner of the first game.

Game Settings

Games are to be played using the latest patched version of TAD (currently 1.01) with the following settings:
. Game Type: Supremacy 1v1.
. Map : Given
. Home city level : All.
. Civilization : All.
. Other : No special settings, games may be unrated if both players agree.

All games must be recorded. After the game, the winner should upload the replays in the match details section on RTSCups.de. In case of a disconnect, players should replay the game and send the disconnect game to RTSCups admins for analysis. If it is agreed upon that one player had a distinct advantage he/she will be given the win.


The tournament will take place on two days, the first single elimination round will take place on June 7, with games starting at 17 CET, 15 GMT running until completion. Players will have to checkin on the RTSCups.de website between 16 CET (14 GMT) and 1 minute prior to game time, 16:59 CET (14:59 GMT). The double elimination stage will eliminate to 2 players on June 14 also starting at 17 CET. The finals will then be scheduled based on the finalists availability, and to ensure broadcast capabilities.

The second stage will then start the following weekend and run through June 15. Currently, a live broadcast of the finals is planned casted by MrMilo.


WCG Maps

Great Plains
Painted Desert
New England

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