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[DotA2] Dota 2 Sammelthread

Eine Diskussion über [DotA2] Dota 2 Sammelthread im Forum MOBA Games. Teil des Strategie-Bereichs; Dota - Free to Play - Movie ist jetzt im Preload auf Steam verfügbar: http://store.steampowered.com/app/24...=1_4_4__100_17 Pre-load now in order to ...

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    Mac Moneysac
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    Dota - Free to Play - Movie ist jetzt im Preload auf Steam verfügbar: http://store.steampowered.com/app/24...=1_4_4__100_17
    Pre-load now in order to start watching immediately after Free to Play launches on March 19, 2014. Must have Steam installed.

    “Ein faszinierender und Augen öffnender Blick darauf, wie sich Videospiele zur nächsten Generation des sportlichen Wettkampfs entwickeln.”
    -Geoff Keighley, Spike TV

    “Wunderschön eingefangen und herrlich dargestellt; Free to Play ist ein Film über Leidenschaft, Herz und was uns voran treibt. Er wird nicht nur zur maßgeblichen E-Sports Dokumentation werden, sondern weit darüber hinaus seinen Nachhall finden. Free to Play ist ein bemerkenswerter Film.”
    -Lisanne Pajot & James Swirsky, Creators of Indie Game the Movie

    “Ein faszinierender Einblick in die menschliche Seite der E-Sports Welt. Er dokumentiert einen Wendepunkt.”

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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    Mac Moneysac
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    Dota 2 Update - March 14th, 2014
    • Fix bug causing MMR to intermittently fail to appear on the scoreboard at the end of a ranked match. MMR is visible to all players in the match with a calibrated MMR. It is not visible to spectators or players with uncalibrated MMR. MMR is not recorded in replays.
    • Fix bug causing matchmaking cooldowns to escalate too quickly in some circumstances
    • Fix bug in team matchmaking causing team details to be occasionally swapped.
    via: http://store.steampowered.com/news/12650/

    Highlight dürfte wohl das neue Pudge Set sein:

    via: http://www.dota2.com/store/itemdetails/20439

    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    The Official Free to Play Twitch Viewing Party
    Twitch and Valve have come together to present a unique online viewing party for the highly anticipated documentary Free to Play, which follows three professional gamers in their pursuit of the first Dota 2 International Championship. Tune in to the official Twitch channel starting on March 19th at 9AM PDT or 17:00 CET, and running throughout the day (~12 hours) to join the chat room and catch the documentary aired LIVE in front of a digital audience of thousands of Dota 2 fans! Later in the day, Twitch will be the first place to catch the online playback of the Q&A session with Dendi, Fear, and representatives from Valve’s documentary team which will be recorded Tuesday, March 18 in front of a live audience at the film’s press screening in San Francisco.
    via: http://blog.twitch.tv/2014/03/the-of...viewing-party/

    //edit - neu im OP
    Farben von Creeps etc. auf der Minimap / bei Mouse-over anpassen
    dota_minimap_creep_scale 2		// Creeps werden größer auf der Minimap dargestellt (default 1)
    dota_unit_use_player_color "1"		// einheitliche Farben für alle Helden eines Teams (default 0)
    Mit den folgenden Befehlen könnt Ihr die Farben der Creeps sowohl auf der Minimap als auch beim Mouse-over anpassen.
    dota_friendly_color_X WERT bzw. dota_enemy_color_X WERT
    X ersetzt Ihr dabei jeweils durch r,g,b samt einem Wert zw. 0 und 1 (Kommaschritte sind möglich)

    Das kann dann z.B. so aussehen:
    dota_friendly_color_b "0"; dota_friendly_color_g ".45"; dota_friendly_color_r "1";
    dota_enemy_color_b "1"; dota_enemy_color_g ".6"; dota_enemy_color_r "0";
    via: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/dota...-2?page=13#244
    mehr dazu: http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/commen...endly_minimap/

    Beispielbild mit den obigen Settings:
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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    Mac Moneysac
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    Neues Update live
    • Dream League Compendium items are not yet in. As I mentioned in my previous post, they'll mostly be available next week or the one after.
    • Store is updated with Free To Play Content. | http://www.dota2.com/store
    • The Free To Play Bundle will be priced at $17.99 - via Wyk
    • Bug with people who didn't get Genuine when they bought Free To Play Pack has now been fixed.
    • Dream League Battle Bonus has been distributed.
    • New Chest Preview Layout - There is a new line that says "You will NOT receive duplicates."

    via: http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/commen...march_18_2014/

    Zahlreiche neue Sets und Tickets sowie neue Kisten. Mehr dazu in der Content-Analyse: http://www.ongamers.com/articles/dot...sis/1100-1063/
    F2P Collector's Pack: http://blog.dota2.com/2014/03/free-t...llectors-pack/


    Free to Play is Now Available on Steam!

    Free to Play is a feature-length documentary that follows three professional gamers from around the world as they compete for a million dollar prize in the first Dota 2 International Tournament. In recent years, e-sports has surged in popularity to become one of the most widely-practiced forms of competitive sport today. A million dollar tournament changed the landscape of the gaming world and for those elite players at the top of their craft, nothing would ever be the same again. Produced by Valve, the film documents the challenges and sacrifices required of players to compete at the highest level.

    Watch it now for free on Steam or YouTube.
    via: http://store.steampowered.com/news/12647/
    Survival Guide: http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/commen...bal_launch_in/
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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    Mac Moneysac
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    Free to Play was viewed by over 5.5 million viewers during its opening weekend, making it one of the largest debuts of any documentary film.
    via: https://twitter.com/FreeToPlayMovie/...39000541216768

    //OP aufgeräumt

    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    Dota 2 Leaderboards Are On The Way

    Fast forward to today and we now have a new series of strings that make up what looks like the FAQ for the upcoming leaderboards. The strings reference the division breakdown, of which we've also talked about in terms of how the servers will be broken down into the four different divisions and what other requirements are needed in order to appear on the list.

    The four divisions below match the four we listed in our post from February that speculated that this year's International may have four qualifiers due to the comment note left in a file.
    Who is eligible to appear on the leaderboard?

    You must have all of the following:
    • At least 250 lifetime matchmade games played (unranked or ranked PvP matches only)
    • At least 75 lifetime solo ranked games
    • At least 30 solo ranked games in the last 21 days in the same division
    • Official player info on file
    • A good solo MMR
    mehr: http://www.ongamers.com/articles/dot...way/1100-1098/

    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    Mac Moneysac
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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    King of Mech
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    King of the Hill
    RoadTo5K beginnt ab heute .
    Ready to fight!
    Weaklings are the worst! Never Surrender!

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    Mac Moneysac
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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAH WIE GEIL ! erinnert an das alte M5 von 2011 mit der quadlane und instapush ^^ das beste: WITCHDOCTOR look at it go !
    Der Benutzer Apocalypso wurde bis 13.01.2009 22:00 gesperrt
    weil er einen gewissen User aufs Verrecken net ab kann !

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    Frogman Bruno ‏@StatsmanBruno
    227 reasons not to go to sleep yet. Oh, and another 227... and 227 more.
    Oscar Gunnarsson ‏@Ozci123
    @StatsmanBruno 227*3=681 Dota version 6.81 confirmed coming today!
    via: https://twitter.com/StatsmanBruno/st...02633673871360

    Und wieder ein sehenswertes Spiel: http://www.joindota.com/en/vods/10495

    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    Techies released:

    6.81 Changelog:
    6.81 Patch notes

    New Game mode: Captain’s Mode Lite: All pick with 2 bans for both teams at the beginning of the picking phase.

    Slark, Naga and Tidehunter gain 6% MS in the river. Kunkka loses 6% MS in the river. MS effects are swapped by the Coco’s Rum buff.

    Added all remaining skills to Ability Draft.


    - Culling Blade now has global range but it stuns you for 2 seconds after casting.

    - Metamorphosis CD reduced from 140 to 100
    - Metamorphosis Bonus Damage reduced from 20/40/60/80 to 10/20/30/40
    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Terrorblade gets permanent Metamorphosis.

    Troll Warlord
    - When Troll Warlord has max charges of Fervor, reduce all incoming damage by 5/10/15/20%

    - Renamed to Windrunner

    Legion Commander
    - If a unit that has bonus duel damage dies, the unit that kills it gets the bonus damage (it could be a creep or a tower). This would actually be HILARIOUS. late game if a LC with +400dmg dies to roshan. Hardest roshan of your life!
    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Winner of the duel now gains 10/14/18 STR instead of damage.

    Crystal Maiden
    - Frozen Field does 15/25/35dps to every unit in the spell AOE besides the normal explosion damage

    - Added Aghanim’s Scepter: Allows Sniper to climb into a tree, changing Assassinate range to 3000/3800/4600. If the tree is destroyed, sniper gets stunned.
    - Take Aim passively ignores enemy’s evasion by up to 5/10/15/20%
    - Headshot chance decreased from 40% to 35%
    - Shrapnel dps increased by 6 and Slow increased by 5% at all levels

    - Divided we stand gives meepo 3/5/7 bonus armor. Clones share 40% of main meepo’s stats (100% with Agh’s scepter)
    - Aghanim’s Scepters now stack (Treads, Blink, 4 agh’s new meta)
    - Divided We Stand can now be skilled at Lv2
    - Meepo gets full items on all clones (why would I pick arc warden then :3)
    Wraith King
    - Reincarnation cooldown decreased to 3 seconds (might be a little imba)

    - Base Int increased by 3. (actually I don’t hate this, but ES is a bit strong right now)

    Shadow Shaman
    - Aether shock damage reduced from 140/200/260/320 to 140/180/220/260

    -Aghanim’s Scepter: Removed extra duration. Doomed units cannot gain HP by healing or any other means (kind of like AA ult, I suppose)

    -Aghanim’s Scepter: While channeling Black Hole, Enigma is immune to Stuns. (hmmmm…)

    -Infest now kills allied heroes when coming out of them (I think this one is not gonna fly.)

    -When Clinkz eats a creep with Death Pact he gains that creep’s skills for the duration of Death Pact. (Maybe you should pick Doom?)
    - Can now eat anything with death pact, this includes building (I would laugh so much if a clinkz ate the ancient, and then you have to kill the clinkz to win and destroy the ancient inside him)
    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Searing Arrows add a 30%MS and 50% debuff on enemies it hits for 2 seconds. Death Pact HP gained from 5/6.5/8% to 6/7.5/9%
    - Hook has global range (I’ll veto this)
    - Aghanim’s Scepter changes in-game chat text to “cyka”

    - Luna now has a toggleable jetpack that allows you to move over any terrain. (I think Starcraft might have something to say about this)
    - Lucent Beam, changed from Target Unit to Target Area (I don’t think Luna needs this kind of buff)

    - Replicate can now use abilities. (I think this might be tougher to balance than the arc warden)

    - Broodmother has free pathing when enemies have vision of you
    - Broodmother moves 50% slower when on unpathable terrain if enemies have vision over her.


    -Reworked to be a fish man (???) He can only be in the river (????? how does he get there in the first place?) Can’t be told apart from other fishes in the river (wat??)

    Lone Druid:

    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Remove Bear Leash distance. Bear gets 250 mana. Bear Return skill replaced by Charge

    Mana cost 150
    CD: 60s
    Range: 600
    Spirit Bear charges towards an enemy unit immediately rooting it upon contact.

    - Spirit Bear gains an extra skill at Lv7

    Cooldown: 45s
    Spirit Bear cannot move or attack for 7 seconds but regens 100hp/s for the duration of the spell. This effect is not channeled, but cannot be cancelled until the full duration is over.

    Keeper of the Light
    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Spirit Form costs 0 mana and is a toggleable spell? Why would you want to toggle it off like, ever? This change makes no sense.

    - If there are no valid targets for toss, Tiny can toss himself and take 90/180/275/360 self damage.
    - Aghanim’s on Tiny changes his model into “The Hulk”

    - Devour works on Lycanthrope’s Wolves (Doom gets the wolf’s abilities. Maybe pick Riki?)

    Dark Seer
    - Vacuum cooldown reduced from 28 to 16. (Because it was totally balanced back then!)

    Techies!! (which might be in the game soon, who knows!)
    - Suicide Squad Attack! now usable… let’s just assume I didn’t read this tweet.

    Naga Siren
    - Aghanim’s Scepter removes cast time. Give charges that last one second each that recharge over time “a la remnants” (I don’t really understand what this means)

    Wraith King
    -Renamed to The One True Skeleton King

    - Wolves have a 1% chance to inflict rabies status to opponents, instantly killing them after 1 minute. (Shall we rename them to Kujos while at it?)

    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Can now tether to a second additional unit. Relocate gets a Return subability to immediately teleport back.

    - Chakram reworked: Gain +2% MS per tree cut using chakram (buff lasts 5 seconds). I think this is the first change I kinda like, there should be more interaction between cutting trees and buffs for Timber.

    Shadow Fiend
    - Model reworked.

    - Model reworked (he does look like a fat slug)

    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Laguna blade deals damage to every enemy unit in the line between her and her target.

    Death Prophet
    - Exorcism spirits rescaled to 5/10/15
    - Spirit movement speed “decreased a bit”
    - Spirit attacks slow 3% of target’s MS for 3 seconds. This debuff stacks.
    - Aghanim’s Scepter gives extra exorcism spirits equal to bloodstone charges owned.

    Drow Ranger:
    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Marksmanship Bonus Agility increased from 40/60/80 to 80/120/160

    Nyx Assassin:
    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Removes movement speed limit on Nyx assassin.
    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Vendetta can be used when stunned.
    - Aghanim’s Scepter: You can’t be revealed out of Vendetta by true sight. Vendetta damage increased from 250/400/550 to 400/550/700

    Templar Assassin
    Refraction instances increased from 3/4/5/6 to 4/5/6/8

    Queen of Pain
    - Strength gain increased from 1.7 to 2.3
    - Scream of Pain Radius increased to 550

    - Aghanim’s Scepter: Rupture has global range

    - Earth Spike damage increased from 60/130/200/260 to 90/160/230/290
    - Strength Gain increased from 1.7 to 1.9

    - Unstable concoction can now be targeted on the ground. It will only explode when time runs out and not on contact.

    - Slark actually dances when under the effects of Shadow Dance

    Phantom Assassin:
    - Blur evasion chance on lv4 increased from 40% to 100% Kappa.

    Ogre Magi
    - XP and Gold gain can multicast.

    - Movement speed of different types of boots are stackable (i.e: If you have brown boots AND treads, you get the combined movespeed, but if you have 2 brown boots, you don’t)
    Rod of Atos
    - Slow amount reduced from 50% to 30%
    - Rod of Atos now affects every enemy in a 200 AOE

    Orb of Venom
    - Now Purges BKB (Might be too cheap of a counter, maybe it purges it after 5 or 6 attacks? :P ).

    Ethereal Blade
    - Can be made out of Eaglehorn, Reaver or Mystic Staff. It gives +40 of that item’s stat and +10 to every other one. (if you could swap it like treads while you’re at it, the possibilities for the plays!!)
    - Alternatively +40agi attribute changed to +40 of the owner’s primary stat.

    -Reworked recipe: Now it’s Vanguard + Oblivion Staff + Recipe. Gives the atrributes of both those items combines + Cleave (So essentially you have a battlefury that deals no damage, )

    New item: Master’s Staff:
    Ingredients: 4x quarterstaff
    +50attack speed
    Reduces attack point to .1 seconds (I struggle to think who would I build this on)

    New Item: Ham of Mingus: Comes with only 1 charge
    Use the charge to consume 1 enemy hero for 1900 gold and 2.5x experience… ok, here’s the thing, if the item’s worth less than 1900 gold you should totally have a support farm one and buy new ones every time, having a hero removal every fight, if it costs more, then the gold part is not really relevant, I don’t know about this one!

    New Item: Blink Boots
    Ingredients: Brown Boots + Blink Dagger.
    Does the same as both items combined. Can be dissassembled.

    Blink Dagger
    Cost increased from 2150 to 2500.

    Can be upgraded up to lv6.
    Lv6 dagon deals 1200 burst damage and if it kills an enemy hero, he can’t buy back.

    Ingredients: Dagon 5, Necro 3, 100g recipe.
    Necronomicon Units have unlimited lifespan. Ranged Necronomicon Unit has Dagon 5 subability.

    New Item: Staff of the Apprentice
    Ingredients: Oblivion Staff + 1200g recipe
    Upgrades a lot of non-ultimate skills (I actually like this idea!)


    - Ancient creeps no longer aggro lane creeps
    - Game starts at nighttime and goes into daytime at 0:00.


    Ancient Apparition
    - Chilling touch AS reduction increased from 15% to 18%

    - Base HP regen increased from 0.25 to 1.25

    - Cast point reduced from 0.6 to 0.3

    - Base armor reduced by 1
    - Agility gain increased from 1.8 to 2.3

    - Enabled in Captain’s Mode

    Centaur Warrunner:
    - Return base damage reduced from 16/18/20/22 to 14/16/18/20
    - Return bonus damage rescaled from 26%/34%/42%/50% to 20%/30%/40%/50%

    Chaos Knight:
    - Chaos Bolt Mana cost rescaled from 140 to 110/120/130/140

    Dark Seer:
    - Vacuum cooldown increased from 28 to 30
    - Reworked Surge

    Charges a target friendly unit with power, giving it a brief burst of maximum movement speed.
    Range: 600
    Duration: 3/4.5/6/7.5
    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9
    Mana Cost: 20/30/40/50

    Charges a target friendly unit with power, increasing its movement speed by a fixed amount. A hero affected by Surge can go beyond 522 movement speed. Effects that reduce a hero movement speed have no effect as long as the surge bonus is active.
    Range: 600
    Duration: 2/3/4/5
    MS Increase: 100/150/200/250
    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9
    Mana Cost: 20/40/60/80

    - Starting armor reduced by 1

    - Doom now disables Assault Cuirass Aura

    Drow Ranger:
    - Marksmanship buff has a 1s fade time from the moment a unit enters its deactivation radius

    Earth Spirit:
    - Decreased Charge Restore Time on Stone Remnant by 5 seconds
    - Enabled in Captain’s Mode

    Ember Spirit:
    - Sleight of Fist no longer hits units in fog of war

    Faceless Void:
    - Base attack time improved from 1.7 to 1.6

    - Aghanim’s Scepter now gives vision on an 800 AOE around the target area for the duration of the spell and reduces cooldown to 25

    - Base armor increased by 2
    - Burning Spear self damage changed from HP removal to Magic damage

    - Dual breath now reduces affected units turn rate by 20%/30%/40%/50% for 5 seconds

    - Str gain increased from 1.9 to 2.3

    - Cast point on Lightning Storm reduced from 0.7 to 0.5

    - Dark Ritual now only converts 80% of the creep’s experience

    - Lunar Blessing rescaled from 14/22/30/38 to 11/20/29/38

    - Howl duration reduced from 12 to 9

    - Removed target number limitation on Skewer

    - Increased projectile speed on Mystic snake from 633 when travelling to enemies and 833 when returning to Medusa to a constant 850

    Naga Siren:
    - Mirror Image duration decreased from 30 to 25

    - Death Pulse radius increased from 475 to 550

    Ogre Magi:
    - Fireblast's stun duration increased from 1.5 to 2

    - Base movement speed increased from 305 to 315

    Phantom Assassin:
    - Strength gain increased from 1.85 to 2.35

    - Fire Spirits attack speed reduction rescaled 80/100/120/140 to 60/80/100/120
    - Supernova radius reduced from 1000 to 900

    - Aghanim’s Scepter Dream Coil now deals Universal Damage
    - Aghanims’ Scepter Dream Coil’s Coil Break stun now goes through Magic Immunity

    Queen of Pain:
    - Shadow Strike cast range increased from 400 to 500

    - Riki is no longer revealed out of Permanent Invisibility when he is under Smoke Screen

    - Curse of the Silent debuff now reduces all magical damage dealt by 20/30/40/50% (if you cast a spell that doesn’t do damage immediately, the damage of the spell will still be reduced when it’s dealt).

    Skywrath Mage:
    - Mystic Flare now deals Universal damage

    Spirit Breaker:
    - Greater Bash increased MS now also affects allies in a 900 radius..

    - Removed cast point on God’s Strength
    - While under the effect of God’s Strength, Greater Cleave radius increased to 500

    Templar Assassin:
    - Removed cast animation from Trap subability

    Treant Protector:
    - Nature’s Guise fade time reduced from 2 to 1.5
    - Nature’s Guise now grants 800 flying vision

    Troll Warlord:
    - Base damage increased by 3

    - Strength gain increased from 2.3 to 3.3

    - Tombstone now requires 3/4/5/6 hits to kill (only attacks from heroes can damage the tombstone)
    - Every time the Tombstone is attacked by a hero it spawns an additional wave of zombies
    - Zombies now have a timed life of 5 seconds.
    - When Tombstone dies, already spawned zombies aren’t immediately destroyed.
    - Reduced Familiar max charges of bonus damage from 7 to 6
    *That means max damage for each familiar goes from 66/108/164 to 58/94/142

    Witch Doctor:
    - Paralyzing Cask's initial projectile speed increased from 800 to 1200

    - Lightning bolt can now be self cast without taking damage (spell still goes on cooldown and costs mana)
    - Lightning bolt now grants flying vision over the target for 3 seconds.


    Diffusal Blade
    - Recipe cost decreased from 850 to 650

    Hood of Defiance
    - Now grants 35% Magic Resistance

    Pipe of Insight
    - Now grants 35% Magic Resistance

    Rod of Atos
    - Cripple now deals 25 pure damage.

    Shadow Blade
    - Bonus damage attacking from invisibility increased from 150 to 175

    Tranquil Boots
    - Armor bonus increased from 4 to 5 armor

    Aprül Aprül
    via Bild: https://twitter.com/Cyborgmatt/statu...561409/photo/1
    via: Fakelog: http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/commen...s_at_it_again/
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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    King of the Hill
    So und fertig mit der Morphling Suchtung .
    Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Klicke auf die Grafik für eine größere Ansicht 

Name:	2014-04-02_00002.jpg 
Hits:	10 
Größe:	316,4 KB 
ID:	88238  
    Ready to fight!
    Weaklings are the worst! Never Surrender!

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    Mac Moneysac
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    TI4 Einladungen & Qualifier Preview (Predictions): http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/feat...and-qualifiers
    Zitat Zitat von Auszug
    One consistent pattern on The International invites is that it has been decreasing every year. From 16 invited teams on the first ever The International, the number was decreased to 14 on the second and was further slashed down into 13 on the third. The fourth one, with eleven teams to be invited, will have the least number of pre-qualified to date. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, of course, as the trend on the number of the invited teams is inversely proportional to the teams advancing through the qualifiers (more on this later on).
    TI4 ist ausverkauft: http://www.ongamers.com/articles/the...our/1100-1182/

    Now you can submit your t-shirt and poster designs to be voted on by the Dota 2 community by going to ‘The International’ tab in the Workshop. Once the votes are in, we’ll curate the top-rated entries, and the best of the best could find their way to The Secret Shop at The International Dota 2 Championships through the excellent folks at Mighty Fine. Designs must be submitted to the workshop by May 20th, 2014.
    via: http://blog.dota2.com/2014/04/the-se...hop-wants-you/

    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    StarLadder Season IX Finals

    Culmination of the ninth season of SLTV Star Series in DOTA 2 discipline! Prize pool is already 212 000$ now, which is an absolute record for European tournaments, and it’s still growing with the help of our viewers.

    From 17 to 20 April, in Europe’s the largest gaming center — Kyiv Cybersport Arena — the strongest teams will fight in grand battle of minds and strategies for the title of the champion. The draw of the group stage will take place on Wednesday, 16.04, time will be announced later in social networks and on our site!

    If you still don’t have an access to matches in DOTA TV, we recommend you purchase a ticket.That will]l not only increase the prize pool for 2.5$, but you also will achieve some pleasant bonuses – an exclusive set on Lich and two unique Loading Screens.

    World-class commentators will be following the SLTV Star Series intense battles along with you — Vitaliy «v1lat» Volochay, Roman «CaspeRRR» Lepyokhin and also our foreign friends and partners from BeyondTheSummit Studio — David «LD» Gorman and Ben «Merlini» Wu. Moreover, some famous guests will be present in studio.

    Intrigued? Come and you’ll see it for yourself!
    via: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/dota...finals-details

    Zitat Zitat von Schedule
    Day 1
    Thursday, 17th of April:

    09:00 CEST (+02:00) Group A Match 1 bo1 [A1 -vs- A4]
    10:30 CEST (+02:00) Group A Match 2 bo1 [A2 -vs- A3]
    12:00 CEST (+02:00) Group B Match 1 bo1 [B1 -vs- B4]
    13:30 CEST (+02:00) Group B Match 2 bo1 [B2 -vs- B3]
    15:00 CEST (+02:00) Group A Match 3 bo1 [A1 -vs- A2]
    16:30 CEST (+02:00) Group A Match 4 bo1 [A3 -vs- A4]
    18:00 CEST (+02:00) Group B Match 3 bo1 [B1 -vs- B2]
    19:30 CEST (+02:00) Group B Match 4 bo1 [B3 -vs- B4]

    Day 2
    Friday, 18th of April:

    08:00 CEST (+02:00) Group A Match 5 bo1 [A1 -vs- A3]
    09:30 CEST (+02:00) Group A Match 6 bo1 [A2 -vs- A4]
    11:00 CEST (+02:00) Group B Match 5 bo1 [B1 -vs- B3]
    12:30 CEST (+02:00) Group B Match 6 bo1 [B2 -vs- B4]
    14:00 CEST (+02:00) Tiebraker 1 (if needed) bo1
    15:30 CEST (+02:00) Tiebraker 2 (if needed) bo1
    17:00 CEST (+02:00) Tiebraker 3 (if needed) bo1
    18:30 CEST (+02:00) WB Round 1 Match 1 bo3
    22:30 CEST (+02:00) WB Round 1 Match 2 bo3

    *– If there are no Tiebrackers, WB Round 1 starts at 14:30

    Day 3
    Saturday, 19th of April:

    10:00 CEST (+02:00) LB Round 1 Match 1 bo1
    11:45 CEST (+02:00) LB Round 1 Match 2 bo1
    13:30 CEST (+02:00) LB Round 2 Match 1 bo1
    15:15 CEST (+02:00) LB Round 2 Match 2 bo1
    18:00 CEST (+02:00) WB Final bo3

    Day 4
    Sunday, 20th of April:

    11:00 CEST (+02:00) LB Small Final bo3
    15:00 CEST (+02:00) LB Final bo3
    19:00 CEST (+02:00) Grand Final bo5
    1st place: $77 500
    2nd place: $34 400
    3rd place: $24 100
    4th place: $13 700
    5th place: $6 800
    6th place: $6 800
    7th place: $4 300
    8th place: $4 300

    The Alliance
    Natus Vincere
    Team Empire
    Invitcus Gaming
    Team DK
    MVP Phoenix
    Evil Geniuses

    Group A
    MVP Pheonix

    Group B
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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

  16. #1256
    Mac Moneysac
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    So ein "Mist", dieses WE ist schon wieder ein Dota Turnier. Diesesmal die DH Bukarest. Am Start sind [A], Navi, fnatic und C9. Mehr dazu hier: http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/commen...urvival_guide/
    Samstag um 9 geht's los!

    The night is dark and full of terrors.

  17. #1257
    Mac Moneysac
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    Patch / Update inc!
    Kurze Zeit war heute schon ein neuer Blogeintrag auf der Dota Page online (wurde dann aber wieder entfernt). Der Link: http://blog.dota2.com/2014/04/the-sp...eaning-update/

    Folgendes Bild wurde vorher von einem User auf reddit gesichert:

    Kann also nicht mehr zu lange dauern

    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    Mac Moneysac
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    Und es ist da: http://www.dota2.com/springcleaning

    der nicht ganz so wichtige Kram:
    • Alt-click on inventory items alerts your team that the item is ready, in cooldown, or needs mana
    • Quick Buy shows stock cooldown time for items that are out of stock
    • Quick Buy purchase hotkey buys the first eligible item [?]
    • Item purchase notifications now show up as a graphical popup on the right
    • "Grab All" on stash is now available while the hero is dead
    • Alt-click on items that can call for a gather (Arcane Boots, Smoke of Deceit, Mekansm) broadcasts a gather message and pings your location
    • Alt-click now works on passive abilities that may have a cooldown (e.g. Wraith King's Reincarnation)
    • Added right-click option to inventory items to move them to the stash, available when in range of the fountain
    • Quick Buy items show a different border for items that the player can afford but aren't purchasable due to secret shop location or stock cooldown
    • All recommended item builds have been updated
    • Added a screen effect while dead (can be toggled in Options)
    • When a unit under the player's control dies, you no longer immediately deselect it and return control to the Hero unit
    • Friend requests can now be sent to players via the in-game scoreboard
    • All active battle point and event point boosters are now shown in-game after all players connect
    • Show the spectator item popup when the Aegis of the Immortal is picked up or stolen
    • Added a buff icon for Ember Spirit's Fire Remnant's timer
    • Necrophos's Reaper's Scythe with Aghanim's Scepter will now show that buyback is disabled on the hero bar
    • Added a prompt to the tutorial that lets users flip their HUD to show the minimap on the right (this setting can also be changed in Options)
    • Added a phrase-based confirmation dialog to important destructive economy operations (such as using a Master Hammer on Immortal/Arcana items)
    • Added overhead effect for the Ogre Frostmage creep's Ice Armor ability
    • New design for the Settings interface
    • All interface elements in League Matches now use Official Player Names instead of their Steam name
    • The game client will now ping a sample of servers in each region and display the results in the region selection screen
    • Tournament section under the Watch Tab now sorts leagues into Premier, Professional, and Amateur leagues. Amateur leagues are also sorted by location, allowing you to easily find smaller tournaments in your area
    • When a party leader creates or joins a private lobby, party members are brought into the lobby too


    Was wirklich interessant ist:
    • Roshan base armor increased by 1
    • Attack Speed now always continually adjusts based on the latest modifications applied to the unit [?]
    • Melee illusions created by a Rune of Illusion take 200% instead of 300% damage
    • Random Draft hero selection pool increased from 22 to 24
    • Captain's Draft hero selection pool increased from 24 to 27 (8 per type to 9)
    • Captain's Draft hero bans increased from 4 to 6
    • Meepo is no longer available in Ability Draft
    Helden / Item Changes am besten hier anschauen: http://www.dota2.com/springcleaning
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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    King of Mech
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    King of the Hill
    Lina ist mit Aghanims im Mid-Game endlich useful (weil sie den Carry instant weghaut) und ich dachte das mit den Rockets bei Tinker sei ein Bug o.O.
    Es wurde ganz schön viel an der BKB Penetration verändert bzw. manches geht jetzt doch nicht mehr durch.

    Mir gefällt der Patch im großen und ganzen:
    - overused werden teilweise generfed, so dass diese nicht useless werden
    - underused werden gebuffed
    - Bugs wurden behoben

    Einziges Minus:
    - SF hätte ruhig noch nenn Buff mehr vertragen können
    Ready to fight!
    Weaklings are the worst! Never Surrender!

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    Mac Moneysac
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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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