Shock Therapy Mod version 2.9

This is a partial mod conversion of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

This mod tries to improve, fix, and add what Red Alert 3 missed, forgot, or unable to do.

Changes range from:
- missing features from older RA titles,
- graphical improvements,
- sound and particle effects,
- slight balance changes,
- and addition of new/campaign only units.

(Uprising units to follow, if I'm able to include them)

Why did I chose that title? Because this mod's main goal is to make the Tesla Tank buildable.
From this first step, I expanded and tried to make what RA3 is supposed to be.


Red Star

- Implemented crate system
Crates can give you the following:
- King Oni
- Apocalypse Tank
- Mirage Tank
- Rail Artillery
- Prism Artillery
- Tesla Tank
- MCV (All 3 types)
- Map Reveal
- Bomb
- Vacuum Implosion
- Healing
- Veterancy
- Credits- Soviet Hammer Tank Leech Beam can assimilate weapons from base defenses
- New UI implemented (that allows 4 rows of buildable units)
After the beta 1 will be released, I'll start to work support powers and on adding new units.

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