EA hat eine neue Version des Mod SDK veröffentlicht.


We have updated our MOD SDK to version 2.0 with a host of technical fixes and enhancements based on critical community feedback received. The changes in version 2.0 are geared towards advanced modders, however, even if you are just learning how to mod for Command & Conquer 3, we highly encourage you download the new MOD SDK version 2.0 to ensure you have the latest files. Simply download the new version, install, and it should automatically overwrite the original files. NOTE: this should not affect any modding work you have already done.

The following changes have been made in version 2.0:

---Updated the generated BuildMod.bat file to include the building of Low LOD.

---Updated XML, and XSD files to match Patch 1.08.

---Updated Manifest files to Patch 1.08

---Scipts.lua now installed into the LUA folder for modders to update.

---Inteldb.xml now installed into the ArtIntelDB folder.

Please be advised: You must have Patch 1.08 installed in order for the MOD SDK to function correctly. You also must download the newest version of World Builder labeled below as well if you have not already.
Insgesamt wird das Mod SDK also einfach auf den neusten Stand gebarcht. Ebenfalls benötigt wird ab jetzt die neuste Version des Worldbuilder, welche hier erhältlich ist.

Für beides ist die C&C3:TW Patchversion 1.08 vorausgesetzt.