Folgende 37x Maps sind im Neuen 4. MapPack enthalten:

2 Spieler
Bulgaria (by Sir Phoenixx)
C&C3 Map-Island (by AL CAPONE)
Complex IV (by OverlorD)
Deadly Grounds (by Ron Herrmann)
Desert Crossing (by TheRedScare)
Dune (by v1rtu)
Fallen Island 1.0 (by Cody aka g0dAries)
Isle of War 1.01 (by R315razor)
Lion's Heartland Shield (by Lion)
Midnight Port (by Reflex707)
Mountain Pass (by OverlorD)
Red Canyon (by v1rtu)
Tiberiumwüste (by Krashna)
Tournament Highway (by Forrey)

4 Spieler
4Play (by Thrawn28)
A River Run's Through It (by Reflex707)
Beach Side – Blue Zone (by ??)
City Chaos (by Ron Herrmann)
Corrupted Oasis (by SoD.X)
Desolation (by v1rtu)
Deth Lowlands (by Dethpoet)
Dry Heat (by hawk10314)
Green Valley (by TK)
Island Warfare 0.2a (by ??)
King Of The Hill (by Experiment)
Lion's Heartland Shield (by Lion)
OTSM-Terrasse (by Kasian)
Rumble in the Jungle (by Lorgar84)
Shoulder Valley (Beta) (by CROMEX)
The Motherlode (by spyVspy)
The Outback (by ??)
Tiberium Forest (by Boknar)
Tiberium Steppes (by wsted439)

6 Spieler
Heck Freezes Over (by ULTimATE-N00B)
Hillfight (by Buccane & ApogedoN)

7 Spieler
Brücken MS (by Manfred Stummer)

8 Spieler
Lake Chicamicamico (by TK)

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