February 17, 2015 Update Notes

• Default AI is now Lambert instead of Random

• Fixed an issue where the RTS Primer VO audio was incorrect in German

• Aircraft will now prioritize empty landing pads first when ordered to land by right clicking on Hangars/Airpads
• Further improved the extents shrinking from 50% to 25% to minimize artillery/AoE impact of grouped units

• Adjusted Easy and Normal difficulty settings. Hard difficulty is unaffected.
• Fixed an issue where script-spawned units were not being given the correct health modifiers
• Fixed a bug in The Barricade that caused some enemy Guardian units to idle in brush instead of properly mounting wall pillars

• Added matchmaking improvements to allow players easier access to searching for matches worldwide
• Improved logic for detecting players disconnecting to force a win or avoid a loss
• Servers will now temporarily pause when connection loss is first detected
• Added improvements to performance that prevents certain cases from lagging the client severely
• Structures from an eliminated player will now properly clear up passability upon deletion
• Fixed a crash local to 32 bit machines
• Fixed a crash that would occur while loading a multiplayer match
• Fixed a lock that would occur for clients when the host would close the lobby
• Fixed an issue where 2v2 Ranked matches were not properly reporting
• Fixed crash that would occur when starting skirmish match

Terrain Editor
• Fixed crash that would occur when launching a custom map with the spigot marker inside the HQ boundaries
• Fixed crash that would occur when loading an untouched custom map

• Moved Quick Match window up in the Multiplayer screen while search is ongoing
• Added translations for new text
• Fixed an issue with compressed Korean text
• Added a new “Extras” section to the menu with a quick launch button for the Terrain Editor
• Made various fixes to improve performance in the UI
• Fixed an issue where the game would unpause immediately after pausing in single player