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Patch Preview (3. März)

Eine Diskussion über Patch Preview (3. März) im Forum Grey Goo. Teil des PC Strategie-Bereichs; Game Update Notes Movement • Added new idle leash time which operates on a lower distance threshold. Units will now ...

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    Mac Moneysac
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    Patch Preview (3. März)

    Game Update Notes

    • Added new idle leash time which operates on a lower distance threshold. Units will now wait three seconds before moving back to their original position after being pushed a certain distance.
    • Increased idle leashing range value from 140 to 350. Units can now be pushed further before they attempt to move back to their original location
    • Changed avoidance logic to deal with head on collisions in a more efficient manner
    • Modified group stopping logic to fix units stopping early or two far away from target point when moving in a large group
    Unit Selection and Responsiveness

    • Ctrl+Click now has the same effect as double clicking a unit. Default Defensive Ping bind has been moved to
    • Factory hotkeys are now enabled for Mother Goo
    • Fixed mouse double click detection when a key is held down
    • Improved Goo and unit selection functionality through the UI
    • Fixed issue where clicking on the minimap to move the viewport immediately after an attack-move click was not functioning properly
    • Unit selection activation changed from mouse click up to mouse click down
    • Improved responsiveness on actions taken with proteans immediately after splitting off a Mother Goo

    • Added a health change handler to the stealthed Monitors in The Shallows to properly detect offscreen damage to start the bonus objective
    • Destroying catalyst crates no longer counts toward their collection in The Observatory

    • Situation where match is disbanded while a player is on the password screen is now properly handled
    • Fixed issue where Quick Match dialogue was remaining hidden after the user entered an invalid password
    • LAN matches are now properly cancelled when host leaves by accepting an invite to a premade lobby
    • Players are now properly removed from LAN game lobbies when they Alt+F4
    • Fixed a crash that would occur at the end of a match
    • Fixed a few “Connection Interrupted” issues that would occur when a host attempted to reconnect

    • Added Video Device Description and Advance Renderer options in the video settings menu
    • AI processing is now distributed among multiple cores to improve performance in scenarios where there are multiple AI. This change invalidates prior save files
    • Forward renderer implemented making a 25% reduction in draw calls when Advanced Renderer is disabled
    • Shadow and water shader LODs implemented, reducing draw calls another 25% when shader detail is set to low
    • Tweaked the auto-detection feature to utilize new forward renderer and lower shader LODs
    • Improved auto-detection feature to better detect against PC specs
    • Moved the regeneration of navigation meshes to a background thread to avoid stalling the game logic thread in certain situations

    • Fixed an AI loop where the AI would build a lot of refineries, but no extractors or units

    • Addressed remaining instances of VFX showing through Fog of War
    • Human Air Pad and Teleporter structures now have proper explosion VFX upon being destroyed
    Terrain Editor

    • Made new map creation dialogue more user friendly and clear concerning size constraints, entry fields, and requirements

    • Steam popups now appear in the upper right of the screen instead of the bottom right
    • Fixed an issue where the player name was not showing up in chat
    • Updated the stealth and attacking tutorial image
    • Added localization for recently added strings
    • Mother Goo can now properly set a rally point when using the “V” hotkey
    • Pings no longer get stuck on mouse clicks when the user uses the “Select All” command
    • Player can now properly ping even when units are selected
    • RTS Primer video’s voice over now properly matches the key combinations communicated in the video and subtitles
    via: https://www.greybox.com/greygoo/en/forum/topic/2105/

    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    King of Mech
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    King of the Hill
    Perfomance fixes sind das einzig wichtige an diesem Patch.
    Ready to fight!
    Weaklings are the worst! Never Surrender!

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    Balance Patch ist auch schon in Arbeit:

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