I couldn't help but notice a lack of American cities on your map (you have none). Are are some major ones:

New York City, New York
Chicago, Illinois
St. Louis, Missouri
San Francisco, California
Irvine, California
Honolulu, Hawaii
Las Vegas, Nevada
Washington, District of Columbia
Salt Lake City, Utah
Houston, Texas
Austin, Texas
Providence, Rhode Island
Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City, Kansas
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Nashville, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee
Salem, Oregon
Orlando, Florida
Juneau, Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Joplin, Missouri
Albany, New York
Jefferson City, Missouri
Springfield, Missouri
Branson, Missouri
Columbia, Missouri
New Orleans, Louisiana
Seattle, Washington

Of course, there are hundreds of other major industrial cities, but that's a good starting list.