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Eine Diskussion über SlayerS löst sich auf ... im Forum eSports. Teil des StarCraft 2-Bereichs; Das Team - gegründet von Boxer - mit dem GSL Sieger MMA ist nicht mehr: "Summary: Slayers is disbanding after ...

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    Traurig SlayerS löst sich auf ...

    Das Team - gegründet von Boxer - mit dem GSL Sieger MMA ist nicht mehr: "Summary: Slayers is disbanding after their GSTL match against MVP on Nov. 3, 2012, KST"
    On October 17 2012 21:30 Nostalgia.NA wrote:[...]

    Pretty formatting of above translation by wo1fwood:
    as explained by SlayerS_Jessica, team manager:
    Current Situation
    • MMA and Alicia have been demoted to B-team.
    • Because of recent events surrounding Alicia, he will also be released (have not been told yet)
    • Ryung is currently practicing at home. Yugioh originally also practiced at home and only practiced in the team house time to time.
    • Crank didn't leave but has been released.
    • Time was given to Puzzle, Coca and Min to think about their career and they have now switched to League of Legends
    • Wanted to give up entering GSTL as half the main players are gone and even many players who were still bound by a contract refused to play. But remaining players were eager to play so still entered. We knew it was near impossible to win but we entered to give players experiences that they wanted. And this bonded the remaining players.
    • Excluding the three players who wanted time off to consider their career, we entered the team with 4 B-team players and 4 A-team players. We excluded Alicia who avoided entering GSTL from the last season.
      The reason why Boxer joined SKT
    • We need to talk about how SlayerS started
    • Federation and SlayerS didn't get along from the start. We had Intel as the main sponsor and started off being the wealthiest team. That's when the federation wanted us to join but we weren't sure about what their goals and what they were after so told the federation that we will decide to join when we observe surrounding situations. That's when GanZi incident happened

    Ganzi incident
    • At the time, Ganzi was in team IM. Ganzi told Knight_Seal (SlayerS coach) that he was interested in joining Slayers. Both me (Jessica) and BoxeR had no idea.
    • IM told the federation and accused that SlayerS tried to steal one of their players and GanZi had been spreading bad rumours about IM. GanZi had 6 months ban from entering GSL so he was about to quit as a pro gamer
    • Because we were never stealing GanZi, we helped GanZi to get to the bottom of this to clear out misunderstandings
    • After talking to many other players including MVP and coaches/directors who were part of the federation, all evidences collected suggested that GanZi was innocent. IM coach (Mr Gang) couldn't argue about anything so only snuck out of the situation by saying 'This was my understanding, GanZi - if you wanted to move why didn't you tell me personally?'
    • SlayerS wes the second victim of this incident as the majority of people believed that we were stealing a player but nobody, including Mr Kang, apologized for anything. We lost our faith in the federation who does not seem to listen to both sides of the story and make a decision based on assumptions.
    • After this incident we dropped our thoughts of joining in. There were no appealing reasons for us to join. But another event hit the federation - TSL coach Mr Lee

    NASL incident
    • NASL season 1 had started and many players including BoxeR were preparing to depart the country. Then Mr Won (Startale coach) contacted us that 'NASL is not paying flights for Korean players only, we should not participate in NASL with this sort of discrimination.' he hoped that SlayerS boycotts the tournament. However we were already ready for everything including flights and hotel accomodation as our sponsor paid to play.
    • He claimed that all other teams will be boycotting but they all ended up participating anyway and Puma won the whole tournament.
    • As NASL season 2 began, Mr Won once again asked us to boycott and we wanted to boycott this time. So we told Mr Won that if this boycott will help to reach a beneficial agreement between NASL and the federation, we will surely join boycotting.
    • Mr Won promised us that both GomTV and the federation will claim their rights. However we heard nothing about this incident after. We asked Mr Won if there had been conversations between two parties, such as e-mails, but Mr Won said there wasn't anything like that/
    • We understood NASL's position about needing deposits as many players who already disqualfied for the main stage avoid or ditch remaining matches. NASL season 3 started and because there were no attempts communicate from the federation and NASL. We entered season 3.
    • Total 8 players made through the qualifiers, and that's when Mr Choi (MVP coach) contacted us. He expressed his regrets about us playing in NASL and mentioned that FXO entered for the qualifiers but dropped the thoughts immediately. He asked me to drop the 8 players from participating. I explained to Mr Choi that I only agreed to boycott season 2 as Mr Won promised me to show results or at least attempts to communicate to reach an agreement with NASL but have heard nothing from him. I explained the whole surrounding situations and asked him to tell other team coaches of the federation who do not know the situation but weirdly enough nothing was communicated between them.
    • Even Mr Won who could have told other teams about how we thought, and when I asked him why he didn't communicate that to the federation. He claimed that he doesn't remember the conversation clearly that he didn't want to communicate something uncertain. I thought the federation was an absurd group.
    • We have heard from other players from different teams, that they were told not to practise with SlayerS players and not even chat on ladder. Players who were good friends with each other had to use a different account to secretly help our players to practise. When I heard about this, I asked Mr Won and argued however he said confidently "it's petty but this is how far we will go to put restrictions on SlayerS'
    • When I answered, that is ridiculous as we had not done anything wrong and this is destroying players personal friendship. And Mr Won simply replied 'this happens because you refused to join the federation and go on separate ways'. I made several claims to the federation but nobody answered me and players couldn't find practise partners.
    • As I couldn't take this any longer, I phoned Mr Won and told "I don't want our players to have unfair disadvantages because of their team. I will disband the team so take our players to your team. However we will formally request you (the federation) to be liable for damages you caused to the team and our sponsors." And that is when we have finally gotten an e-mail saying that they will lift up the restriction. (Have shown it to the reporter who wrote this)
    • But a former OGS player (who is now in a foreign team) told me that though the restriction was lifted, they still instructed players not to practise with SlayerS informally.
    • This is the worst peak between SlayerS and other teams. Then they contacted us just before the eSports SC2 vision event. They wanted SlayerS to be the part of it. They have put restrictions on us because they didn't like how we were operating the team now they needed the BoxeR to be the significant figure. I have found what they were doing disgusting as they don't seem to have a sense of guilt. So I refused. They have never apologized me and I kept asking Mr Won whether the restriction has been lifted and he affirmed that there were no restrictions. But many players still told me that they were being instructed by the coach not to help us. I didn't even know who was telling the truth at this point.. I also was sad that players followed that instruction. But our players have been always helping other players from the team whenever they ask, this can be seen from their interviews.
    • Sleep, who is not in any team right now, is suffering the same. Just because he is staying in our team house. As of now, it is still happening. Mr Won claims that the restriction have been lifted and if he wants to dispute what I am claiming now - do so formally. He won't be able to deny as we have a player who used to be part of the federation.

    MMA incident
    • We had a manager(initial J) who took care of our relationship with overseas partners/fans. J focused on working with the images BoxeR had. He was not a good friend with MMA to begin with but since MMA started to perform well, he always came to the studio when MMA played.
    • He wanted to look after SlayerS official Facebook page and Twitter to communicate with foreign fans more. As he started that, that's when we promoted him to a manager position where he also took care of overseas partners. He also took care of negotiations between two of our sponsors with an extension.
    • He kept reporting me that our demands and their demands never seem to meet. I asked myself 'why are the sponsors doing this to us now when we are performing better?' after reading what they were offering. So I gave up on the extension.
    • That's when the problems rose, I was sure that I could run and manage the team without a sponsor so I decided to operate the team as we've been and planned to seek out for a new sponsor in the future. But I have noticed a weird atmosphere among players and manager J acted suspiciously. Turns out manager J was lying to me about what he was telling sponsors and he told players that I have embezzeled money and goods using reputations of the team and the players. Everyone knew that BoxeR was spending his own money to run the team and I don't know how players believed the manager who joined the team 2 months ago.
    • MMA firmly believed that I have embezzled his money from the personal sponsor and I was very disappointed. I cared every single one of them sincerely and loved them but they believed the manager... I can't remember how long I cried. J manager offered players behind my back to form a new team with him that he could get more sponsors than I did. MMA did not confirm anything with any means and accepted that offer which he confessed me later.
    • More shocking thing was that no players told me about this. I was going to formally sue the manager but I couldn't because I didn't want to disturb young players with a court case. If I had never found about this.. then players would have left the team without knowing.. That's when I lost my faith in MMA
    • MMA and others, who often participated in a foriegn tournament, claimed that whenever he says hell to other players from the federation, they would ignore him and that they kept mocking SlayerS and themselves. MMA, Alicia, Crank and GanZi have all told me the same thing. And this was the cover-up reason he told others and the medias
    • The reason why MMA got demoted was not that. I have explained why he was being bullied and mocked and got him comprehended. That's when Crank and MMA hung around alot after that. Crank visited me and complained that the team atmosphere was so bad, he felt pressured and stressed. That's when I asked BoxeR, who at the time was resting to sort out his shoulder problem, to stay in the team house and look after them.
    • However, Crank complained once again that talking to the coach and BoxeR's presence did not make any difference and asked me what I actually did. I felt very sorry to him. My player is complaining and all I did didn't help him..
    • Crank told me that because his neck is sore, he needed to rest. This was right before GSTL quarter finals. He said as he finished preparing for his game and he can pratise that only. I asked Cella if it's ok for him to go home and Cella told me that he has got his build order prepared for a map so he may go home.
    • That weekend, he texted me requesting to be removed from the entry. Because he seemed so ill, I talked to him on messenger to see if he was ok. He didn't answer so I left a message saying 'Rest well physically and mentally peacefully and see you at the stadium'. He then texted Cella 'what is she doing this to me?' .. I don't know what I did
    • That's when Cella told me that he wanted to quit and is not practising at home. He wanted to quit and rest and he has no intention of moving to another team so he begged me to release him from the contract. I had no intention of holding his back and I agreed that he wanted to rest so I let him go.
    • But.. I was told by others that he is streaming and looking for a foreign team. So I asked him why he had to lie and what his unprofessional attitutes are for. I asked him if he knew why MMA wanted to leave the team. He answered 'it's because of me - when I told MMA that I want to move to another team because of the team atmosphere, MMA wanted to join me'. I asked MMA whether it was true and he denied.
    • Recently, Crank rang me and screamed 'why are you relating me with Ganzi, Alicia and MMA's problem? do you want to ruin my progamer life?' I lost my words. I knew he wasn't happy with me and the team. But I asked 'Do you know where you are yelling at? I have looked after you and cared for you as the team owner and the manager for years'.. but he yelled back saying 'who do you think you are? where are you yelling at?'. Boxer who was right next to me got the phone off me after listening to him, but then he also yelled at BoxeR saying 'what were you doing during all this?' and then claimed that he will only play SC2 for this year and he just wanted to enjoy the game and that's why he left the team. I have this on recording and I will see what he does in the future. (T/N : I am sure that Crank can get into a trouble if he enters into another team as he lied to get out of the contract)
    • BoxeR spent all his time and more than one hundred million(won) to grow the team and when players are mocking me and him, he was very shocked. Although we were in the GSTL finals, the atmosphere was the worst. I had to make a decision on Crank and MMA, who were affecting the team atmosphere, so I sent MMA back home and removed crank. I wanted to notify MMA but he never came back to the team house over weekends and never helped anyone for GSTL. Because we couldn't tell MMA, BoxeR and I told Ganzi about this. Ganzi used to joke around with me but during the time he couldn't even make an eye contact with me. I asked him what the problem was as I have explained to him about everything as MMA problems progressed.
    • BoxeR told GanZi painfully that MMA is a cancer to this team at the moment and he wanted to GanZi to make the right decision. GanZi was very lost and he also told us that he will try to concentrate practising at home.
    • MMA came back the next day, he probably have heard his expulsion from A-team from Ganzi. He had already packed all his belongings. BoxeR called MMA and started to talk but MMA cut him off and said there are nothing to talk about. BoxeR told him MMA had been moved to B-Team and to return home, MMA simply said there was no need as he is leaving the team.
    • When BoxeR told him that he is still a SlayerS player who was bound by the contract, MMA claimed that it was not a contract but a slavery note. We have a clause determining the share of prize money, which already allows players to keep the majority, but we didn't even take our share of the prize money. We didn't write contracts to make money. When he called the contract a slavery note, I was simply lost. We had 5 players in total who had a contract including Ganzi and MMA.

    Change of BoxeR's mind
    • He was very disappointed when MMA called it a slavery note. He remembered how he started and how players were living more than ten years ago and he wanted to create a better environment for players. After everything he gave up to come to SC2 to fulfill his dream of remaining as a player and training new players who can shine in e-sports, what MMA did damaged BoxeR.
    • He was preparing to come back as a player before the HOTS was released. However after he wanted to quit.
    • His passion as a manager and as a player were diminishing fast. I had hard time watching him too. He taught the players a more than ten-year period of experience inside and outside the game but the players didn't seem to appreciate that. That's when I suggested him to coach in T1 for remaining players, who may be able to fire up his passion again. After a few days of consideration, he agreed.

    Alicia and Ryung
    • Ryung never received the highlight because of MMA but he was a good friend of MMA. When BoxeR cared for MMA the most, I cared for Ryung the most. When the incidents happened, I was worried about Ryung being influenced by that. When Ryung's wrists were bad. I sent him back home. He performed so much better. He never disappointed me. He tried his best in GSTL even in that atmosphere. But when Ryung behaved in a way MMA did, I was rather disappointed. When I asked him 'why are you being like that?' he also said 'I lost my faith in you at some point.' and when I asked him 'what have I done?' he couldn't answer
    • As you might already know, Alicia was a B-team player. He was a hard worker who was also modest. But he started to change as he entered foreign tournaments. It's not a bad thing for a man to chase after money and fame but our team started with everything glamorously. When we resided in Yeouido (T/N: one of the richest area), we had both vans and cars to look after the kids. When our condition got better, we moved to Gimpo and we delegated more work to Cella. We were never hungry. If we started in hard conditions, maybe they would have been thankful as the conditions improve gradually but for us it was the other way around.
    • Alicia's complaint was that no right person dropped him and picked him up from the airport when he entered foreign tournaments. The reason was that it's annoying to be picked up and dropped off by someone else but Cella. I just sighed when he told me this. I sent him up to take a break. His complaint was not something that I did wrong and I thought he lakced some common sense.


    Source: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=48785

    SlayerS Momente

    Erfolge von SlayerS etc. @ Liquipedia: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/SlayerS

    via: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/view...opic_id=376041
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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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    Ein großes eSport Team zieht von dannen

    Irgendwann erkennst Du, dass deine Vergangenheit länger geworden ist als deine Zukunft.

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    Hm ... schon traurig irgendwie, aber nach dem Abgang von BoxeR total verständlich.

    • Min, Puzzle und Coca wechseln zu League Of Legends.
    • MMA verhandelt derzeit mit EG und Axiom.
    • BoxeR wird Head-Coach von SKT1 (hat eh nix damit zu tun)
    • Und Cella schaut sich wieder um einen Coach-Job um.

    Soweit hab ich das mitbekommen.
    it's not easy when it's icy

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    The night is dark and full of terrors.

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