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ra3boards.com Clanwar System

Eine Diskussion über ra3boards.com Clanwar System im Forum eSports. Teil des Gametalk-Bereichs; DolphinRider auf gr.org ra3boards.com Hey guys, I have a bare-bones system now for creating clans at RA3boards.com. I wanted to ...

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    Alarmstufe Rot 3 ra3boards.com Clanwar System

    DolphinRider auf gr.org

    Hey guys, I have a bare-bones system now for creating clans at RA3boards.com. I wanted to get this up ASAP so that people can start making clans with plenty of time before the start of the first monthly competition starting August 1st!!!!


    • The system is BARE BONES.. you can make clans, edit the clan info, and invite/delete members.
    • I'm sure there will be bugs as I wanted to get this out ASAP, leave feedback here on any problems
    • To get started, just log in and select 'Clan Wars' from the top menu
    • Even if you aren't your clan leader, go ahead and make the clan. The leader can be selected after you've made the clan. There's also an 'admin' position, which will let you select a member who has edit and invite powers that's not the "leader" of the clan
    • To invite people, search for them and select the 'extend clan invitation' link. They will get an email and see a notification when they log in
    • Only people REGISTERED on ra3boards can be sent an invitation, obviously
    • If you want to join a clan or are looking for a clan, there is a message board to post to on the bottom of the clan page that will leave your info and a message.

    So get at it. If you aren't aware of what the clan wars system is, it is a competition every month where clans and individuals are ranked by points gained from beating other clans in a ranked 1v1 or 2v2 match. So if you automatch somebody registered for CW, then you will gain or lose points depending on the outcome. There will be ranked by clan totals, as well as individual, so feel free to make a 1 man clan if you want to just tear it up by yourself.

    ra3boards.com hat ein Clanwar System gestartet. Dabei werden alle Automatch Spiele gewertet die zwischen in diesem System registrierten Spielern gespielt werden.

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    Ziemlich geniales, automatchbasiertes Wertungssystem, das man sich auch gut bei CnC 4 vorstellen könnte.

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