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RA3Boards Clan Wars Tournament #2

Eine Diskussion über RA3Boards Clan Wars Tournament #2 im Forum eSports. Teil des Gametalk-Bereichs; Hey guys, RA3Boards' Clan Wars is hosting it's second tournament, running from Oct 4th to Oct. 31st, 11:59 PM EALA ...

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    RA3Boards Clan Wars Tournament #2

    Hey guys, RA3Boards' Clan Wars is hosting it's second tournament, running from Oct 4th to Oct. 31st, 11:59 PM EALA time!

    What is Clan Wars?
    You can create or join a clan over at ra3boards.com, and start playing games! It's really that easy. All automatch (ranked) games count if you fight any members from another clan, as well as unranked custom games if you want them to.

    There are two separate ladders: one ranking clans, and one ranking players.

    What is the prize?
    1st Place Clan: The first place clan will win a Free EA game for the leader and a free C&C T-Shirt for each clan member.
    1st Place Player: The first place player will win a free EA game and a free C&C T-shirt.
    A big thanks to 2POC and the EALA marketing team for offering up prizes!

    Of course you can always donate money for the prize pool

    How does it work? How do I join a clan? How do the rankings work?!
    See the Clan Wars FAQ. If that didn't answer your question, post here, or email webmaster@ra3boards.com

    Rules, etc?
    Don't be a bitch, cheat, exploit, DC, or attempt to be unsportsmanlike. Here is a better breakdown of the rules for those who are pathetic enough to need it spelled out for them: official rules

    If you notice any body breaking these rules, email webmaster@ra3boards.com IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT start a flame war in this thread.

    What else?
    RA3Boards.com provides a wealth of resources for the RA3 community, such as the custom dynamic signatures seen on all RA3 forums, detailed match tracking and leaderboard creation, to even DC history reviewing for fair-play teams on community sites like GR.org. So sign up today!

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    let the dodge wars beginn......

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