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Upcoming -DR- Ladder System

Eine Diskussion über Upcoming -DR- Ladder System im Forum -DR-. Teil des Clanforen Tiberiumwars-Bereichs; MNM7 and myself go to the same University. That's where we met. We had a module this year where we ...

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    Upcoming -DR- Ladder System

    MNM7 and myself go to the same University. That's where we met. We had a module this year where we had to do a community based project to benefit the community using the skills we obtained in our course thus far. Since we're both studying how to design information systems, we decided to automate the RTS ladder systems into a system of web pages, like our very own internal ER for those who knew what is was.

    For those who don't know which systems we are talking about, the Gauntlet can be found here:


    Members report the games they play in this topic. The Company Commander then always had to do the math and give members points based of the wins and losses of their games. This list was then posted here


    Awards given based on points etc.

    Originally, we wanted to use a database to save all the statistics in, but we soon realized that hosting a meg large database with only 6 members in as a test version wouldn't be very feasible in our current situation without a dedicated server. To this end, we redesigned it to work using XML files.



    The time has come however, to get each company's opinion on what values they want to record for each game. Here is an example of the test system and what it would look like:

    Main screen

    Division ladder select screen

    RTS Ladder selection screen

    RTS - 3v3 report game step 1

    RTS - 3v3 report game step 2

    RTS - 3v3 report game step 3

    Matches are stored in XML files for each Game.

    All we need, is an idea of the attributes you need to store for the match, i.e

    If its a FPS game like Counter Strike Source:

    So I'd like all the CC's to please report in and post what they'd like to fill in on their respective forms or PM me or MNM those details as we get to you if you'd prefer a more hands on approach to designing your own company ladder.

    Please note that this is not the final version and all these forms may or will change. We will be designing forms like these for all the companies and will listen to any other requests or recommendations you may have for your various games.

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    This ladder system is going to be awesome, but i only think that it is going to be for the clan only or alliance members, but maybe in time we can use it for other guests and stuff

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