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AOD Pasha's Pentagram

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Hochgeladen von Pasha - 21.08.2017
Autor Autor Pasha
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Map Name: AOD Pasha's Pentagram [pashacnc com]
Author Name: Pasha
Author Mail: PashaCnC@gmail.com
Max. Players: 5+AI
Game: C&C Generals: Zero Hour
Type of Map: Art of Defence (AOD)
Description: Players will try to survive against AI attacks.

A Survival AOD Map for 5 Players, 400x400 sized, Normal weather, Afternoon time, Shrouded when started.
Bugs in previous version fixed and waves reorganized.

Players have 3 options for difficulty of map as Easy, Medium and Hard Army depending on how skilled they are.

* Easy Army; Waves period is 150 seconds and No Sneak attacks,
* Medium Army; Waves period is 90 seconds and 9 Sneak attacks,
* Hard Army; Waves period is 75 seconds and 9 Sneak attacks for "Proplayers ONLY"

AI must be GLA and place at lower left corner.

There are 5 bases and each player has a crate having 50,000 dollars worth close to Command Center and a supply pile having 100,000 dollars worth of boxes at the middle of Pentagram.
Plenty of room to build, plenty of money to survive against AI.

The 10 Waves of AI come from the sides of Pentagram battlefield.
The 9 Sneak Attacks of AI come from all around Pentagram Battlefield even from the middle of Pentagram
AI attacks are RANDOM. The different teams can come from different directions in each game. It makes map exciting for each play.

Players must survive against AI attacks and kill ALL AI units until time counter become "Pilots Remaining : 00:00"

* if You can NOT survive until the game end
* if Players can NOT kill ALL AI units on the "Pentagram Battlefield" until time counter become "Pilots Remaining : 00:00"

Please do not hesitate to contact with me about bugs and my mistakes on map. You can download 330 AOD maps from http://www.pashacnc.com

I wish you good luck and have fun Generals.

e-mail; pashacnc@gmail.com




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