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Victory Games & Bioware: Statement von JVC

Eine Diskussion über Victory Games & Bioware: Statement von JVC im Forum Command & Conquer (Generals 2). Teil des C&C Classic-Bereichs; Auf dem offiziellen C&C Blog hat EA_Cire ein Statement von Jon Van Caneghem gepostet. Thema: Die "Fusion" von Victory Games ...

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    Victory Games & Bioware: Statement von JVC

    Auf dem offiziellen C&C Blog hat EA_Cire ein Statement von Jon Van Caneghem gepostet. Thema: Die "Fusion" von Victory Games und Bioware.

    I can’t express how happy I am to announce the next installment in the Command and Conquer franchise, Generals 2. It’s been great to see the enthusiasm and activity within the community over the past year while you waited for more information, and I thank you all for your patience. Since the announcement of this studio in February, we’ve been listening to your feedback and are excited to bring back the beloved, action-packed game-play you remember from C&C Generals, modernized for a new era, and built on industry leading technology. What you see today is a tiny taste and just the beginning; we can’t wait to show you more.

    Additionally, I am excited to announce that Victory Games has joined the new BioWare label within EA. We are all huge fans of BioWare, especially of the uncompromised quality that comes along with every product. Our mission here does not change—we’re still committed to making best-in-class strategy games—and joining the BioWare family will give us the tools we need in order to succeed. This has been a seamless transition, as we share the same core values and passion for making games as BioWare, in order to deliver immersive, high-quality experiences for our fans.

    More information will be coming in the near future, so sign up for the newsletter and check back in at for the latest!

    Thank you,
    Jon Van Caneghem
    Quelle: Offizieller C&C Blog

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    Ich war leider etwas schneller

    Ich mach den mal zu, Diskussionen zum Brief können hier rein:
    Audi famam illius. Solus in hostes ruit. Et patriam servavit.
    Audi famam illius. Cucurrit quaeque. Tetigit destruens.
    Audi famam illius. Audi famam illius.
    Spes omnibus, mihi quoque. Terror omnibus, mihi quoque.

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