All New Generals
  • APA
    • Blackjack, APA Espionage
      • A true covert General, he will manipulate and confuse his enemies in order achieve a decisive victory. Fool your opponent with a holographic army when using his new player power, Misdirection

  • GLA
    • Kitbash, GLA Engineer General
      • Altering the battlefield with his clever creations, Kitbash will engineer his way to victory at any cost. He will mask his armies so his enemies won't even see him coming with his new player power, Stealth Field

All New Units
  • APA
    • Shadow Tank
      • Available to the Espionage and Atomic General
      • Medium stealth tank

  • GLA
    • EMP Truck
      • Available to the Engineer General
      • Electricity firing medium vehicle with self-detonation

  • EU
    • Anti-Air Rocket System
      • Available to all EU Generals
      • Replaces Cannon Turret
      • Anti-Air defensive structure

All New Player Powers
  • APA
    • Misdirection
      • Creates a holographic army that takes fire away from real army and eventually attacks enemies

  • GLA
    • Stealth Field
      • Cloaks your army and damages enemy infantry within its area of effect

  • All Factions
    • Supply Drop
      • Drops a crate in the battlefield that heals nearby units, grants veterancy and temporality buffs attack power

    • On the Double!
      • Casts on builders and structures to make them build faster

Further improvements
  • The tab key now cycles through all your selected units so you can access their individual abilities
  • New visual feedback for resource collection so you can see exactly how much mula' you're getting

Balance Changes
  • All EU ground vehicles can now garrison the EU Harvester in transport mode
    • Small vehicles take 2 slots
    • Medium vehicles take 3 slots
    • Large vehicles take 4 slots

  • GLA Terror Technical is now cheaper and moves faster
  • All Oil Derricks now have more health, cost less but earn less money over time
  • EU Harvester can now garrison 6 units
  • Tank buster ability strength has increased
  • GLA Toxin Artillery's Dirty Nuke now cause friendly damage
  • Increased the risk associated with fast expanding and on reducing the viability of early game single unit type spamming
  • Starting credits reduced
  • All supply center costs increased
  • All faction scout vehicles are now more focused as infantry counters
  • Tech structure costs and build times have been reduced
  • Tweaked the perk values and the base unit attributes to be less punishing to users not using perks
  • All vehicles and turrets now have the 'Mechanical' vulnerability
  • All unit build time has been changed to compensate for the Command Center's 'Command Bonus'
  • APA Propaganda tower now has more health
  • Radar Van's Skynet Ability has been slightly toned down to be less powerful
  • GLA Toxin Tank's rate of fire has been decreased
  • APA Tanks and GLA Tanks have both had increases to their damage against light vehicles
  • Added units to most General lineups to make them more tactically rounded
  • Big tech tree changes and some general balance fixes, including a consistency pass on flame and toxin anti-garrison damage
  • The APA Tech tree has been simplified - there is now only one level of Command Center upgrade
  • The GLA Tech tree has been simplified - there is now only one level of upgrade for the barracks, toxin factory, and salvage factory
  • Use the ability to gain a speed boost for a short time and then he explodes
  • It works the same as the old ability, but instead of costing health it now heals the unit
  • GLA Terrorist now has an ability that gives him the ‘Martyrdom’
  • GLA Stimulants ability has been renamed to 'Rallying Cry'
  • The heat cost on Forward Deployment has increased

Balance Changes in detail:

Einheit Wert Änderung
GLA Terrorist Base move speed 10->13 
GLA Rebel Squad Cost 145->180
Firefly Forward Deploy Heat Cost 20->40
Firefly Upgrade Efficient Deployment Heat Cost 10->20
APA Dragon Tank Antigarrison Dmg 65->95 
APA Urban Assault Team Base Dmg 35->44 
EU Railgun Turret Health 300->500 
GLA Toxin Site Antigarrison Dmg 0->40 
GLA Toxin Chopper Antigarrison Dmg 12->26 
GLA Toxin Bomb Player Power Antigarrison Dmg Added 
GLA Nuke Truck Base Dmg 300->400 
EU Classic Added unit Longbow
EU Recon Added unit Aegis Tank
EU Airforce Added unit Snipers
EU Experimental Weapons Added unit Shocktroopers (replace Rifle Squad)
EU Experimental Weapons Added unit Railgun Squad
EU Railgun Added unit Aegis Tank
APA Classic Added unit Inferno Squad
APA Rocket Added unit Lynx
APA Urban Assault Added unit Helix
APA Inferno Added unit Tank Busters
APA Atomic Added unit Shadow Tank
GLA Classic Added unit Black Market Tank
GLA Junkyard Added unit Technical
GLA Toxin Added unit Terror Technical
GLA Demolition Added unit Battlebus
GLA Marauder Added unit Terrorist
APA Propaganda Tower Health 100->400
Radar Van Skynet Ability Heat Cost 40->50
Radar Van Skynet Ability Damage per Tick 20/20 -> 10/20 v Mechanical
Radar Van Skynet Ability Slow Duration 5->1
Radar Van Skynet Ability AoE Persistence 5->4
GLA Toxin Tank Rate of Fire 2->3
APA Tanks Bonus Damage v Light 15->30
GLA Tanks Bonus Damage v Light 40->60
APA Supply Center Cost 1350->1890
EU Supply Center Cost 1400->1990
GLA Supply Center Cost 1250->1800
APA Research Laboratory Build Time 28->24
APA Research Laboratory Cost 1200->1000
APA Warfactory Cost 800->900
APA Lynx Cost 400->450
APA Lynx Damage Rating 28->22 +12 v Infantry
EU Tech Lab Build Time 28->20
EU Tech Lab Cost 900->750
EU Advanced Tech Lab Build Time 34->25
EU Advanced Tech Lab Cost 1200->1000
EU Warfactory Cost 800->900
EU APC Damage Rating 46->32 +21 v Infantry
EU Harvester Health 450->375
EU Fox LRV Cost 400->450
EU Fox LRV Damage Rating 24->16 +12 v Infantry
GLA Chemical Lab Build Time 27->22
GLA Chemical Lab Cost 900->800
GLA Salvage Bay Build Time 27->20
GLA Salvage Bay Cost 900->800
GLA Warfactory Cost 850->900
GLA Technical Cost 350->400
GLA Technical Damage Rating 21->12 +12 v Infantry
GLA Technical Armor Rating 4->2
GLA Terror Technical Cost 500->400
GLA Terror Technical Movement Rate 13->15
All Oil Derricks Health 450->600
All Oil Derricks Cost 750->600
All Oil Derricks Money per tick 8->5
EU Harvester Garrison slots 4->6
Tank Buster ability Damage Rating 80/160->140/200
GLA Toxin Artillery - Dirty Nuke Friendly Fire No -> Yes

Bug Fixes
There were over 100 bug fixes in this patch, lots and lots of bugs fixed! Here are some issues you as the community pointed out and various other issues we fixed, but trust me, there were many more resolved
  • Fixed various game stability and matchmaking issues
  • The EU Phantom's stealth ability now works correctly with stealth detection units
  • Fixed missing textures within the tutorial level
  • Pressing spacebar while in-game no longer creates a grey screen
  • Fixed an issue with repeated items in the purchase history tab
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial where users were not able to finish the build a war factory' objective
  • The GLA Sandstorm ability now causes damage to affected enemy units
  • If a Super-weapon is sold or destroyed it will now function correctly after being rebuilt
  • The sound slider in the options is now controllable by the mouse
  • Fixed known issue - New users should immediately select a general from the drop down menu before attempting to start a game or the game will lock up

  • Fixed known issue - When using multiple APA Urban Assault teams to use their Breach ability on a garrisoned structure at the same time, all but one will die
  • Fixed known issue - The EU Control perk German Engineering I does not affect the movement speed of the Heavy Assault Laser tank
  • Fixed known issue - When purchasing your IP Location, Origin User Location and Payment method must all be based in same place. Any inconsistencies in these locations will cause the purchase to fail and no charge will be made. Check the forum for more specifics
  • Fixed known issue - When private messaging if you are in the Customize menu screen, you will not be able to reply to the message unless you scroll the window down
  • Fixed known issue - Boku payment method is only available to users in countries where the primary currency is not the Euro

Known Issues
We will be looking at these issues ASAP but we wanted to let you know that we know they are there and we are actively working on them, here's the list
  • Party chat channel remains active even after party is disbanded
  • If your installation gets interrupted this can lead to the game not working, there is a specific post on forums for ways to solve this
  • The advanced ordinance upgrade does not affect the heavy assault laser tank
  • AI cannot be added if the Custom Skirmish lobby is left and re-entered
  • Allies vehicles are not affected by the Stealth Field player power
  • Starting the game after deleting the Command & Conquer folder in Documents will cause the Generals Widget to not activate the Generals pull-down