Meet GLA's Muerta
We are closing in on the release of our newest patch that will bring you a new GLA general. So let's meet our beloved Muerta!

General Info
The GLA Horde General, Muerta, focuses on overwhelming her opponents by sending wave after wave of her own men crashing against the oncoming enemy until they break. To do this she has rolled out a new light tank for the GLA, El Diablo.

Born the sheltered daughter of a volatile Mexican politician, Catrina “Muerta” Posada’s life changed when angry protesters torched her family’s home, her parents still inside. Catrina fled and was captured and indoctrinated by a guerrilla insurgent group.

Catrina began experiencing terrifying visions of her parents from the afterlife. They demanded that she send them others to share in their suffering. In battle, Catrina would “accidentally” fire RPGs at large groups of people, enemies and friendlies included. Anything to quiet her parents down, she thought.

Catrina, now infamously known as “Muerta”, was approached by GLA General Abdul-Muhsi. “Come work for me, Muerta, and I’ll give you all the death you could ever dream of.”

Enemies know Muerta is close as her soldiers cheer in excitement for their own end. For them, “the cause” serves an entirely different meaning- that everyone’s true destiny is only for certain death.

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Player Power
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Muerta has the ability to call forth elite rebel soldiers to fight for her cause from hidden tunnels using her Ambush Player power. Muerta can use this ability both offensively and defensively. If Muerta is off raiding an enemy base and left no defenders at her own base, the rebel soldiers summoned by Ambush can be used to protect the base if it comes under attack. Muerta can also use the Ambush take out poorly defended expansions. By simply scouting an area, Muerta can call in the Ambush and let the Rebel Soliders lay waste to the undefended targets.

Featured Unit
El Diablo
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El Diablo is a light tank added to the GLA’s arsenal. While not as imposing as the Marauder tank, what it lack in size it more than makes up for in versatility. El Diablo has the advantage of being a fast unit, able to outrun larger vehicles as well as keep pace with other recon vehicles. Being so small, the El Diablo is cheap to produce and can be used to overwhelm more expensive units en mass.

Additionally, the El Diablo has the innate ability to use the ability Marked for Death. Marked for Death will allow the El Diablo to fire a single target high powered shot at the target. If the shot ends up killing the target, the El Diablo will gain a massive rate of fire bonus for a short duration. This ability allows El Diablo to finish off weak targets and then use the Rate of Fire bonus to lay down the pain on other nearby enemies.

In the late game, the El Diablo can be upgraded so that shots from its cannon do splash damage to enemies. Using this upgrade, the El Diablo can be mixed in with any force to provide extra damage to enemy forces as regardless of the target that the El Diablo is fighting it will be damaging all nearby enemy units.

Was haltet ihr von dem General ? Mooff kann bilder adden :P