Es kommt bald

Hello everyone,

thank you for your continued support, trying out the Beta of the upcoming Renegade Edition. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to apply a lot of changes! Please read carefully over this news update:

Today the beta is getting updated.

For this the beta servers will be removed from the server selection at 10:30 AM CET and become available again after the maintenance downtime the same day.

The new Beta Boosters will then be dropping additional cards. More Beta Points will be added to all accounts.

A number of balancing changes have been made (see list below) and bugs were fixed.
PvP sparring grounds now allow the selection of random maps for 1vs1 and 2vs2.
A further beta update is being prepared for later this week. It will address bugs (e.g. more missing effects and meshes on lower detail settings) and will bring further balancing adjustments, e.g. connected to cards with piercing abilities.

Balancing adjustments in today’s update:
• Scorched Earth, Fire Affinity: decreased damage bonus vs buildings 50% -> 20%
• Stormsinger, Nature Affinity: decreased power costs 75 -> 70, special cost decreased 90 -> 80
• Stormsinger, Frost Affinity: decreased special costs 110 -> 80
• Lightblade, Fire Affinity: increased power costs 65 -> 75
• Northstar, Nature Affinity: fixed multiplier to frost affinity
• Northstar, Frost Affinity: Freeze Duration decreased -> 100% Bonus to 25 % Bonus
• Core Dredge, Frost Affinity: damage bonus vs Frozen decreased, deals now normal/1,5 up 2 and 3 (effective bonus after frozen damage reduction)
• Gravity Surge, both Affinities: decreased power costs 100 -> 75, 90-> 70 up2
• Nomad, both affinities: changed weapon type from L -> M
• Blaster Cannon, both affinities: decreased Life 1100 -> 1000
• Amazon, Frost Affinity: decreased damage absorption 75% -> 25%
• Soulsplicer, Fire affinity: increased buff duration after leaving the aura 10 sec -> 15 sec
• Bandit Skydefender, both affinities: increased power cost 60 -> 70
• Waystation, both affinities: increased 10 sec -> 20 sec
• Corsair, both affinities: increased special cost 75 -> 120, banditos version drops additional squad

Later today, we'll be having more exciting news regarding the release of the Renegade Edition and the Beta for you, so be sure to check the main page!