Wondering where to check out your Red Alert 3 profile, stats, and ladder ranking? Well fear not Comrade, the new Command & Conquer Franchise Universe Website is set to finally launch this Monday, November 3rd! Alert every C&C fan you know because we are relaunching our brand new and it will contain all of your stats and profiles for Red Alert 3, Kane's Wrath, and Tiberium Wars (yes, the new site will replace our current and everything else!). The new is the beginning of a new direction for your Command & Conquer online web experience. It will also encompass news, media, and community info for all three C&C universes: Red Alert, Tiberium, and Generals. It will also be home to your evolving profile and in-game stats. And not to mention, we are also launching a brand new set of forums! If you missed our recent Q&A, check it out below for more info on our new website launch. It will be your brand new home for Red Alert 3 and much more!
Die Seite kommt also am 3.November - vergesst nicht euch dann euren Nick zu sichern.