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Neue CnC Webseite/Forum nächste Woche Q&A

Eine Diskussion über Neue CnC Webseite/Forum nächste Woche Q&A im Forum Alarmstufe Rot 3. Teil des Command & Conquer-Bereichs; 1. What are the main features of the new CommandandConquer.com? The new Commandandconquer.com is the beginning of a new direction ...

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    Neue CnC Webseite/Forum nächste Woche Q&A

    1. What are the main features of the new CommandandConquer.com?

    The new Commandandconquer.com is the beginning of a new direction for your Command & Conquer online web experience. The site will be launched in a few phases, and will go live just before Red Alert 3 releases. Here are some of the features you can look forward to in the 1st phase of the new CommandandConquer.com:

    --- Single login for all C&C websites: You will only need to login once to be connected to the entire C&C community, including our new forums!

    --- Profile page: Your new home on CommandandConquer.com. This page will house all of your commanders and their stats. We have also included some space to add personal info.

    --- Instead of separate websites per game, C&C games that are in the same "Universe" will be together in their own portal universe section. The website will be split in to three universe sections: Tiberium, Red Alert, and Generals. Each section will house our latest news and media for games under that respective universe. Instead of going to multiple websites to get your latest C&C info, all you'll need to do now is go to one!

    --- A brand new look and feel. What would a new website be without a completely new design?

    --- Introduction of the C&C Home, to centralize all of your C&C news! While you can visit any universe section of the site, you can always expect all the latest news and media to be rolled up to the front page.

    --- New Media section. Tired of fishing all over to get your latest C&C video? So are we, so enjoy our new media section with all your latest C&C videos available for download in HD or streamed via Flash, screenshots, wallpapers, and more.

    --- New Command and Conquer TV page. C&C TV has taken on a life of its own, and we're finally giving it the dedicated section it needs so you can easily watch all the latest C&C TV programming.

    Future upgrades to CommandandConquer.com which are not part of the 1st phase will include personal / clan blogs, expanded search functionality, individual and clan matchmaking (not to be confused with in-game matchmaking), wiki pages, expanded profile features, comments, ratings, forum avatars, and plenty more. And by the way, the new CommandandConquer.com will continue to evolve based on YOUR feedback. So leave us a comment here and tell us what you want!

    2. Will CommandConquer.com be the only official EA C&C site?

    Yes. It will be used as a centralized hub for the Red Alert Universe, Tiberium Universe, and Generals Universe. This will be your one-stop-shop for every piece of official C&C news straight from your EALA-RTS HQ.

    3. What will happen to all my C&C 3 and Kane's Wrath stats from the current C&C.com?

    All stats will be preserved on the new site. Each user will have their own profile page with the ability to link all of their old accounts.

    4. How will login work? How will the web login differ from my in game personas?

    When the site is launched, you will be required to create a new "screen name". This name is specific to C&C. It will be separate from your EA Master account name if you already have one. It will, however, use the email address and password that you are already using as your master EA account. Once this name is created, you will be asked to link your C&C 3, Kanes Wrath and Red Alert 3 personas to it. Once completed, the stats for these personas will be viewable from within your homepage. However, even if you do not link your old accounts, the stats will still be available, they will just not be linked to your new name. This name will solely be used for the website, you will not use this name in any of the games. However, you are welcome to use the same name as one of your in game profiles as long as it is not already taken! This is also the username that you will be posting to the forums as, so make sure to take some time thinking of a name!

    5. Will there be new forums? What will happen to my forum account? Can I retain my same name and post count?

    We were so impressed with the new Spore Forums that we decided to use the same technology! As noted above, you will only be able to post in the forums with this new account name. Unfortunately, because we are switching forum platforms we are unable to preserve your current C&C forum name and post count. When we launch the website, all names will be reserved on a first-come first-serve basis, so be sure to hurry! We realize that this will be a big change for the current forum users, but we feel that it will result in a much better experience for everyone by switching to a new forum platform with better performance and more extensive features. The old forums will continue to exist for the time being, but will be locked. You can certainly venture back to them to view archived content.

    The new CommandandConquer.com will be launching next week. Be sure to keep visiting back for more information before and after the launch

    • Was sind die Hauptfeatures des neuen Webportals?
      - Eigene Profil Seite auf der CnC-Webseite
      - Webseite wird in die 3 Universen gesplittet werden
      - Komplett neues Design
      - News auf CnC Home von allen 3 Universen
      - Neue Media Sektion mit Videos (zum Download, Flash, Stream..) in HD
      - Neue CnC TV Seite (als eigene Sektion)

      - Weitere Features werden später hinzugefügt werden:
      - blogs (für spieler und clans), erweitere suchfunktionen, clan und spieler matchmaking (nicht verwechseln mit dem automatch des spiels), wiki seiten, erweitere profil features, kommentare, bewertungen, forum avatare .... Sie wollen die Seite auch auf unser Feedback aufbauen.
    • Wird CnC.com die einzige offizielle EA CnC Seite?
      - Ja
    • Was passiert mit den TW und KW Statistiken?
      - Werden übertragen. Man kann alle seine alten Accounts linken
    • Wie funktioniert das einloggen?
      - Man braucht einen neuen "Screen Namen" der mit dem EA Master Account verlinkt ist, Email und PW müssen aber gleich dem EA Master Account sein - dann werden TW,KW und Ra3 Personas verlinkt. Der Name wird nicht im Spiel benutzt, aber man kann den gleichen Namen im Spiel benutzen, solange dieser noch nicht vergeben ist. Der Screen Name wird auch der Name sein, unter dem man im Forum postet!
    • Wird es ein neues Forum geben? Was passiert mit dem alten Forum Namen? Kann ich Namen und Beitragszahl des alten Forums weiterbenutzen?
      - Neues Forum mit der Spore Software. Es wird nichts vom alten Forum übernommen. Neue Namen werden nach "Wer zuerst kommt malt zuerst" vergeben. Das alte Forum wird noch lange bestehen, wird aber geschlossen.

    Die neue CnC Seite geht nächste Woche live

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    Das Verlinken und Verknüpfen der Accounts klingt für mich danach, als ob es ein Chaos werden könnte, aber mal sehen. Ansonsten ist es natürlich gut, dass die Seite kommt, da zum einen die aktuelle Lösung von 2 Seiten schlecht ist, und zum anderen die aktuelle C&C Seite ja noch von Gamespy dominiert wird.
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