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durchaus interessant für alle retro-gamer und freunde seltener abstrusitäten...

Retro Core - Volume 1
8 great games featured from the Famicom (NES), Sharp X68000, Mega CD, Arcade, Saturn, Super Famicom (SNES) and PC Engine Super CD. Plus a close up look at the Sega branded Wondermega.

Retro Core - Volume 2
Fixed picture size and sound quality over the original Retro Core as well as a much smaller file size. Again 8 great games featured from the Neo Geo (Art Of Fighting), Mega Drive (Bare Knuckle 2), Super Famicom (Umihara Kawase), Dreamcast (Soul Calibur), Arcade (Newzeland Story), Master System (Psycho Fox), Mega CD (Annette Futatabi) and Sharp X68000 (Akumajo Dracula /Castlevania/)

Retro Core - Volume 3
Vol:3 promises to be the best so far ! Back by popular demand is the Hardware close up plus a new Vs feature which will show the same game running on two platforms. Here's what you can expect to see. Arcade Special (Film of inside a retro arcade), Best Christmas game ever (you probably know what this will be), Axelay and Run Saber on the SFC, Granada on the Sharp X68000, Bari-arm on Mega CD, Techomotor on Saturn, Panorama Cotton on the Mega Drive...

Retro Core - Volume 4
Yet another improvement over the previous Retro Core shows with the high resolution version being almost 100 Meg smaller in size than volume : 3. Featured in Volume : 4 is an interview with a Japanese Retro Game store owner and well as a quick look around his shop. Of course there's loads of gaming goodies too, including a Final Fight special ! Just which home version of Final Fight is truly the best? Plus PC Engine Power Drift, Master System Phantasy Star, SFC Super Aleste, Saturn Sega Touring ...

Retro Core - Volume 5
Volume 5 is jam packed full of goodies as you’ve come to expect. This months special is on the Super 32X (or just 32X in the west). Why was it such a flop? Retro Core takes a look at the games to show you why. Also featured are Vigilante on the PC Engine, Macros Scramble Valkarie and Wonder Project J on the Super Famicom, Tokyo Bus Guide on the Dreamcast, Goiken Muyou on the Saturn, Ganbare Goemon on the Famicom, Thunder Blade on the X68000 and Robocop on the Arcade.

Retro Core - Sega Saturn Shooting Special
This was originally going to be part of Retro Core Volume : 2 but it ended up becoming so long that it is now it's own special. Featuring 55 Saturn shooter with over 60 different games (Some shooters contain more than one game) this is something that no shooting fan should miss out on.

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